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If it were my computer (and the way I run my computers), I would move the D: drive partition to the entire 250 GB HDD. Then I would extend the C: drive partition to fill the entire SSD and just install all the normally used programs to it. The life of the SSD is based upon erase and write cycles, not read only cycles. Most files associated with programs are only read when the program loads and not written over unless they are upgraded. The purpose of the SSD is to improve speed. Installing every program that you can onto a mechanical HDD largely negates that whole purpose.

And if you look at the actual number of erase and write cycles that is required to "wear out" an SSD - and distrubite those erase and write cycles over every bit storage location on the drive, you will discover that the affect of write cycles on an SSD is grossly exaggerated:
Better calculator:
SsdReady: Measure solid-state drive life | SSD life time and measurement tool
Ahh. Makes a lot of sense.

I like that logic.

Now to figure out the best way to migrate stuff from D: to E: since last time I did something like this there were some disconnects from applications expecting to find files on from the moved drive. Guess it will just be a slow process.

Thanks again. I've learned a lot!