Good Afternoon, I have been having a bit of difficulty with restoring a Windows System Image backup from my external Hard Drive. While it wrote to the hard drive fine, the windows doesn't seem like it wants to detect it in order to restore. So far I have tried using another External Hard drive and an extra Internal Hard Drive by copying the WindowsImageBackup folder (and it's contents), however it still doesn't seem to want to say it has found a backup. I've tried scouring the internet with not much luck.

The .vhdx files mount fine in disk management so I am not worried about losing the files, however I would much prefer to actually restore the system image in full to the main hard drive. I've thought about trying to restore it from the vhdx directly, however I haven't had much luck with information on that either.

So to sum it up, I have a Windows System Image that doesn't detect, but has perfectly fine vhdx files.

Other information:
  • My system has 4 Internal hard drives although only my windows installation drive is backed up and I have 1 internal drive to mess around with for internal connections if needed