When you have the confidence (and the first time you attempt this its scary), you will find that clean installing Windows 10 (and that means totally wiping everything on the drive, well actually formatting the drive to make it 100% blank) will give you the best computing experience...

Have a look at these:



My Vostro 3750 I'm sure came with a disk imaging utility but I can't just find an easy reference to that. Dell Datasafe maybe ?


There is so much junk embedded onto new PC's that it is hard to remove completely. Although outwardly its 'easy' to uninstall stuff, there is still a 'trail of destruction' as I call it as not all parts are cleanly removed, the registry is left with 'dead' entries and so on.

Does that matter... well I like things neat and tidy and so a clean install is always the way to do that.


Once you have a made a disk image and successfully restored it then your confidence will shoot up.