System Restore fails: AppxStaging %ProgramFiles%\WindowsApp 0x80070091

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  1.    16 Mar 2017 #191

    SimonFastEddy said: View Post
    Head spinning in fury. I just killed the bloody brutal..give it a slap; put the monster back into it's cage somehow.
    Don't you think it would be better for your blood pressure to use an alternative backup method?

    Sure it doesn't work but it was never really that reliable or clear what it did anyway. As MS now have it turned off by default it may mean they aren't terribly interested in fixing it.
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  2.    17 Mar 2017 #192

    Why would you think it necessary for us to know that you have a Dell OptiPlex 760 with or without a Telefunkin U47? It has absolutely no relevance to the issue in this discussion. There are forums to discuss hardware and Christmas presents.
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    Windows 10 v1607 Pro 64 bit
       17 Mar 2017 #193

    Hi there lx07

    You are quite possibly right. It (System restore) was more trouble than it was worth. I have seen this before with Windows 98 and my firewall being broken and printers turned off; have a row and get an effect a week later ..... BIOS changed. I can't discuss anecdotes here.

    Hi glivo.

    The Dell Optiplex 760 is a refurbished machine, probably ex-leased, commercial or educational. It would be a reliable but boring work-horse. What I needed to get over was the concept that it isn't a fussy custom build; any more than I am. It was made robust. So, AppxStaging is not likely to be a hardware issue... BUT people throw their electronics away when it "screws-up" I understand. AppxStaging is one of a few processes that are a recent plague. In the report I presented, killing the machine brought back my Desktop and network. As they got over in the IT Crowd.....Switch it off and switch it back on again.

    AppxStaging isn't the only issue my machines have experienced this year. I had the prolongued black screen from Starting after Shutdown, which is a User profile coruption. I have seen that with Windows XP. My machines have recent and clean installations.

    Your thesis explains why AppxStaging may be a result of MS turning a functional element (restore) off but it doesn't explain the black screen which has been commonly reported, or the screen telling me that I can't Sign-in. I resolved that by killing (Power cycling OFF/ON) the machine. Work with likely is that. Now 0x80070091 has multiple causes, it is an error code that is sort of a basket for unexplained occurrences. Don't expect immediate success as lx07 could be a boardroom decision.. User profiles being altered? You tell me.

    The professional scientific/technical approach works sometmes but on other occasions so does the managerial one. Think out-of-the-box. Time is a manager's friend.....thank you for the nudge.

    From SimonFastEddy (Christmas present to myself was an Eddy Merckx race bike). Have fun!
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  4.    17 Mar 2017 #194

    SimonFastEddy said: View Post
    I had the prolongued black screen from Starting after Shutdown, which is a User profile coruption. I have seen that with Windows XP. My machines have recent and clean installations.
    I get that also. Also Edge gets corrupted every week or so until I delete INetCache from another profile. This has been happening since 2015.

    Ho hum as they say :)
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    Windows 10 v1607 Pro 64 bit
       17 Mar 2017 #195

    Hello again lx07 from SimonFastEddy.... I am delighted we have met online.

    I have a new lead to follow. First your prolonged black screen: It's the User profile corruption as you suspect. There are two links. I am not sure if I'm permitted to include links in the text so I will trim off the front: I don't wish to annoy the moderator.

    How to fix black screen problem on Windows 10 | Windows Central

    How to use a local account to fix issues on Windows 10 | Windows Central

    I am actually a Virologist, there is a protocol ... to confirm you should do Kochs Postulates: isolate the agent; purify it; inject it and demonstrate that it induces the symptoms.

    I induced it with WinUtilities with the checkbox ticked to clean Windows Temporary Files. I also induced it with Disk Clean-up, cleaning the same Temporary Windows Installation Files. So it is a Temp that goes missing.

    Although glivo chided me for discussing my Dell Optiplex 760, it is important. The PC is still functioning correctly with System Restore working successfully at 19:35 today. Snippet to prove:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.png 
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ID:	125539
    I have three Dell computers on a network: Dell GX620, 760 and 755. They are all refurbished PCs. I am wondering if the AppxStaging is a result of using Custom installations and not Upgrades. It could be a .temp missing. The Dell 760 that glivo chided me about is a refurbished PC, more likely Upgraded. It came with Windows 10 installed. The Dell 755 has a Media Creation Tool Custom installation, as has the Dell GX620 which was recently Custom installed with Windows 7 32-bit Pro and migrated into a Custom install of Windows 10 32-bit Pro. It was intended to reveal AppxStaging etiology.

    Yet again I will strip it down! Probably this weekend. I will see if moving it into Windows 7 32-bit Pro first and then doing an Upgrade into Windows 10 32-bit Pro has any value. On that Pentium 4 single core processor the CPU runs at 99% a lot and I have either had AppxStaging immediately, or after three minor system settings changes, or after all the installation work was completed just before installing Avira; after hours/days of work.

    Question: Has anyone got a PC that isn't demonstrating AppxStaging issues? What do you run?

    Bust watches from Simon (No it isn't a little titter joke..we all enjoy a little titter occasionally).
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  6.    17 Mar 2017 #196

    Please accept my apologies for being short. I did not intend to chide you over the Dell. My intention was to merely point out that the Appxstaging issue, which results in System Restore failure and error 0x80070091, is not hardware related. Dell, Acer, Samsung, HP or as with mine, custom built from components. Old or new. None of this is relevant. There is a problem with the Permissions of a couple of folders which is preventing System Restore from completing. It is a Windows O/S problem not related to hardware or Defender or any other software.

    Here is a link to the Microsoft Community, which indicates it is now evident that MS are aware of the issue and working on a solution.
    Happy Days await.
    Last edited by glivo; 18 Mar 2017 at 04:02.
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    Windows 10 v1607 Pro 64 bit
       18 Mar 2017 #197

    Hi there glivo....from Simon...

    You are back....Hooray! Happy Days indeed....They (M$) did get the message then. I had a chat with lx07....

    I've been for a ride on Microsoft's current W10 time-machine, back to Windows 7. Funny experience....all last night...Dreaming of bicycle bearings a lot. Currently randomly walking through v1511..all going OK with stable restores, as expected. I've gone by an alternative route, by way of Upgrade instead of Custom installation. So it is permissions. Both myself and my neighbour have had a look at that and must have missed something. Permissions are difficult but not as sketchy as DVD drives. I had thought of sync, with clocks being out-of-sync, but that may be irrelevant now.

    Roll on Windows 12... from Simon
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  8.    18 Mar 2017 #198

    I've just been reading over translations from other languages in forums on this same topic and I can understand them with no problem. The same can't be said for reading posts supposedly in English to start with.

    There is a lot of discussion about this topic. People including myself jumped to the conclusion that this was caused by the cumulative update KB3213986. Some testing indicated this to be the case but these results were false positives. Purely coincidental. The problem can occur without the update on a system.

    The problem has been pretty well identified as being directly related to a couple of very specific directories within the WindowsApps directory. More precisely the folders related to the Apps Office Hub, Get Office and Ear trumpet.

    Apparently, it is related to the way MS Store performs updates for certain Apps which in turn alters the Security / Protections / Permissions of these folders and renders System Restore unusable. It has not been turned off by MS. There is a problem and they are looking into it.

    This issue has absolutely nothing to do with hardware, and whether you get to W10 build 1607 by upgrade from W3.1 or by direct installation from a fresh media ISO file will make no difference. Once the properties of the said directories are altered by MS Store updates you have this problem.

    Deleting or Renaming the whole WindowsApps directory is massively overkill to treat this issue but it is the easiest way to fix it in the shortest possible time.
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  9.    18 Mar 2017 #199

    Hi glivo. Interesting information. This is not the first time there have been issues with the Store. I was involved in a discussion last May about a Store related issue .Net Native Framework Package 1.2.23205.0 keeps updating.
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    Windows 10 v1607 Pro 64 bit
       19 Mar 2017 #200

    Hi there glivo....from SimonFastEddy.

    Thank you very much for the heads-up.

    You have saved me from massive disappointment, and annoyance. I have been on these problems since the beginning of the year, on my own. I was chatting to lx07 and I've just got the install runing perfectly on the old Dell GX620 (spare kit) in W10 v1511 build 10586.839 and will take the machine off the internet. Easiest way is to disable the Network Adapter. I am really glad to learn the details about M$ marketing....the USA is the world's premium marketers but you get what is printed on the box, what is inside may not match up.

    I had a peek in the WindowsApps folder and there is no way any of us can methodically solve these file issues if it is a managed issue.

    I expect lx07 will be in need of the brief as well. There is no telling the extent of the damage these uncontrolled manipulations of the files will cause. I noticed somthing was up when Defraggler slowed and stalled. It is a sensitive tool when in disorganised terrain. I'll take the Dell 760 into the same installation and take that off line as well.

    I'll keep an eye on the forum. If this problem continues I'll have a talk about more heavy guns.

    Thank you from Simon. I had a joke lined-up but it's gone...saved for another day. Got it....The Americans must think we are readdickless...They smash up our installations and we just fall about cracking jokes and smacking our girlfriends ... Ha! Ha!
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