Using Windows 10 built-in backup settings, I set it to do automatic system backups to my WD MyCloud network drive.
The backup works for about a week and then I get error messages "Your History File Drive was Disconnected..." and it will never reconnect to that drive again through Windows Backup Settings.
The Network Drive has 1.5TB Free.
I can access that share all the time, without any problems in File Explorer using exactly the same share name as I set in Windows Backup, but Windows Backup says "Disconnected" in File History Advanced Settings.
I've done this twice now: Set the automatic backup to run to the Network Drive. And it runs successfully for about a week. After that it can no longer connect to that drive. And like I said, I Never have problems accessing that drive/share in File Explorer - even when Windows Backup says it cannot.
Any ideas/suggestions on where to look or what to try to get this working permanently???