Following a recent update to my build, the start screen became interrupted by the message above. The full message is:
Starting Acronis UEFI Loader ...
Select an item by using the keyboard:
1. Acronis True Image 2015
2. Acronis System Report
c. Continue booting

(It is interesting that the first two options use numerical keys whilst the third uses the letter 'c'!)

I do not have Acronis True Image 2015 installed as a program in my list of all programs, although I did at one stage have it installed (I think under Windows 8.1). I have no problem if I hit the letter 'c', but it is annoying as the boot sequence is interrupted and each time the Windows 10 build is updated and requires a re-boot during the process I have to be there to hit the letter 'c'. Is there anyway either to delete or remove altogether the UEFI Loader, or, alternatively, to default to the letter 'c' after a minimal amount of time?

I have not tried 1 or 2 as I do not have True Image installed at the moment.

This did not happen before a recent update to another build, but I do not know to which build. I used to find which build by typing "winver" into the search, but now Cortana does not give me the build, and I do not know how to find my present build (it is not in the bottom right hand corner of my screen).

Any suggestions.