Restore Points disappearing, Errors in Event Viewer

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    Restore Points disappearing, Errors in Event Viewer

    I have recently built a new machine and loaded it with WIN10 Pro-64. After installing the OS, I started loading lots of programs and utilities. During this process, I made a point of setting Restore Points after every few new installs so if something got whacked, I could limit it down to whatever had been installed since the last Restore Point, roll back, and repeat those installs one at a time, to allow me to identify the offending software. I have only enabled System Protection on the OS drive, and have it set to 10% of the drive which is about 43 Gb (the drive is a Samsung 850 Pro 512 Gb). I set the max Restore Point usage high as I was manually creating a lot of Restore Points.

    The other day, I wanted to roll back and discovered that only the 3 most recent Restore Points were there. Yes I clicked the button to show all Restore Points. They are all gone except the last 3. I also noticed in Event Viewer that I was getting the following error anytime I manually set a Restore Point.

    Cryptographic Services failed while processing the OnIdentity() call in the System Writer Object.
    AddLegacyDriverFiles: Unable to back up image of binary Microsoft Link-Layer Discovery Protocol.
    System Error:
    Access is denied.
    Event ID 513
    Source CAPI12

    I Googled this error and found out it seemed to be related to making back ups, 3rd party backup programs, and Restore Points. The consensus was it is a fairly significant error. So, I have Restore Points disappearing, and I get this error every time I manually set a Restore Point. I have not tried actually restoring one of the 3 points that are still there so I don’t know if the Restore Points are functional or not.

    In an attempt to zero in on what is causing this error, I opened up Task Scheduler and opened up the library there to Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/System Restore and made a scheduled task to create a Restore Point. I set 1 trigger to perform this task every night at 1:00 am. Then I set another trigger for a 1 time event at another time (9:00 pm). 9:00 pm came and went and as best I can tell, the task did not execute. The repeating one at 1:00 am did not run either. If I select the scheduled task and click RUN, the status changes from Ready to Running, but no Restore Point is made, and it just keeps saying "Running". The Last Run Result column says “The operation completed successfully.” If I go down to the middle section and select the History Tab, it shows various activities – Created Task Process, Task Started, Action Started, Task Completed, but no Restore Point is made. I am attaching a screen shot of the Task Scheduler Window with the Restore Point settings in Control Panel overlaid, and the Event Viewer showing the errors I get when I create a manual Restore Point.

    If anyone can help me out, it is most appreciated. My questions are:

    1 – Why are my Restore Points disappearing?
    2 - Why do I get this error when I manually set a Restore Point?
    3 – Why does the scheduled task I have set up to make Restore Points not work?

    Great Forum BTW, and Thanks !
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    Hi, I'll answer just one of your questions. The existing scheduled task you mention actually has nothing to do with actually creating restore points directly.

    The way to do that is
    a. to create your own task
    b. download and use one of the scripts that create restore points manually.
    (I use Scheduled_Instant_Restore_Point.vbs - just do a search for it).

    I'm sure someone else will comment on why restore points disappear.. forgive me for suggesting you read some threads on this in this forum
    Restore Points disappearing, Errors in Event Viewer-snap-2016-08-16-07.53.46.jpg
    Type 'restore points disappear' in the white search box above.

    Finally, don't rely on restore points alone. Sometimes restore points fail to restore, and as you know, they only protect parts of Windows. I hope you use disk imaging- much more complete, robust, and even allows you to restore your Windows /partitions to a new disk should yours fail.
    E.g. Macrium Reflect (free) + its boot medium _ external storage.
    Protects your PC, your data, and your sanity.

    Having said I'll deal with one point, I have come across this wrt your Event ID 513
    MACRIUM REFLECT - Event ID: 513 Source: - Windows 10 Forums
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    Wow. Thank you very much for your response. I searched for the scripts you mentioned and downloaded them so I can play with them. I evidently was WAY off base thinking I could use Task Scheduler to make a Restore Point automatically at a predetermined time of day. Seems it is much more complicated than that. I guess I do not understand how the Task Scheduler works. It seemed very straight forward. Task Scheduler Library/Microsoft/Windows/System Restore is available as a Task so I selected it and added the triggers I wanted. I have a lot more reading to do.

    I am not using Restore Points as my only means of protection/backup. I use Acronis for full backups though I have had my share of issues with that. I will try Macrium Reflect as an alternate.

    Re - the Cryptographic Services failed error, I have been reading many posts about this error and have seen various Registry edits that are supposed to fix it, with some claims of success and many more of not success. I will keep at it.

    Re - Restore Points disappearing - same as above. I will search and read. Thanks again for your help.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Tutorial here on scheduled restore points- just FYI now you've got that sorted out.
    System Restore Point : Create at System Startup - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Used to use Acronis TI many many years ago.. until it wouldn't detect my drive on a new laptop. I regard it as bloatware from what I've seen now - too many added functions.

    Macrium is reliable, focussed, and quickly updated if there's a problem. E.g. following the AU.

    Cryptographic failures in the event logger have always been fairly common in my experience.. no practical effect. Not noted any recently; yours is worth sorting out. Good luck!
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