I haven't yet fully restored Outlook from a recovery. (I did restore it, but I have to recover it again.)
In attempting to set up a new backup, the drive has an unformatted primary partition. It may contain the recovery image I need, so I don't want to format it.
As a matter of fact, I don't want to do anything that might hurt my chances of a recovery at all.
I would assume that the .vhd has been protected from people like me.
I already created a new image... (Only.)

I'm also running an HD Tune error check, which may reveal the location of the 26 damaged sectors.

Suggestions would be welcome in setting up Macrium - it offers far more that I am used to with Backup & Restore.

I've had restore/recovery problems, so having a new HD offers one kind of peace.
I'm shutting it down - the backup - and waiting for some proper direction.

Thank you.