Windows 10: System Image Problem Solved

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    Short of restoring to a different drive I am afraid not.

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    Well, I'm pretty sure now that the System Image is corrupt. The disk 0 checks out ok, so I guess I'll do a clean install, but I have a question. Why do I have to, in step 2, disconnect the sata cable of Disk 0, if I have to install on Disk 0?

    1) Disconnect all external devices
    2) have only Disk 0 and the install media available
    (I don't know if the HP Pavilion disk is internal or external - you probably told me, but I'd have to go look.
    If it is internal - disconnect the sata cable before installing)

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       05 Jul 2016 #43

    Good, the drive is not the issue.

    Why disconnect other drives?
    Windows looks at all connected drives and decides where to place things. If you have only disk 0 connected, things can only be placed on disk 0. There are numerous threads where members help someone unscramble the disk schema because the install placed part on one drive and part on another drive. Just trying to go by the book and prevent more work for you.

    I don't think you would have a problem, since the to be installed disk is disk 0 and it will be clean as described in post# 34 (Then ... diskpart ....)

    but ... that's not the same as you will not have a problem

    Have you had a chance to read over the Clean Install tutorial (link is also in post 34)

    Any questions on the tut?
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    2) have only Disk 0 and the install media available
    (I don't know if the HP Pavilion disk is internal or external - you probably told me, but I'd have to go look.
    If it is internal - disconnect the sata cable before installing)
    This is what confused Nick, I think. Especially the "internal" bit.

    I kept quiet as I assumed you'd realize it.

    Furthermore, to the best of my knowledge, there's no need to physically pull SATA or power cables to disable a drive. Disabling it in BIOS should suffice.
    Assuming a little bit of attention paying during setup you can steer Windows to install exactly where you want it regardless how many disks are present.
    Naturally, from a newbie POV, better be safe than sorry. Sure.

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       05 Jul 2016 #45

    Aha! I'm glad you mentioned it

    Sorry Nick ... I meant disconnect other drives.
    You need the following connected

    disk 0
    Win10 install media (USB)

    can you guide Nick through the BIOS if he decides to go that route?

    True about paying attention, but there are a lot of people that somehow manage to have the boot config on one drive and Windows on another.

    By limiting the machine to only one drive to receive the install, then there's zero chance of that happening.

    Maybe this will help
    Disk 0 596 GB Unallocated
    Disk 1 7663 MB ESD-USB

    ESD-USB was disk 2, but removing Disk 1 - 298 GB - HP Pavillion, either physically or through the BIOS, moves the USB drive up in the device tree

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  6.    05 Jul 2016 #46

    No problem all, I am in the process of doing clean install at this time. Still I wonder why I have had this problem in the first place. I've never had this problem before, but I guess there's always a first time. I still would like direction on where to go to be able to recover some of the file that went along with the programs on that drive. An example, AutoCAD save there license info with the program.

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       06 Jul 2016 #47

    Ok Nick,

    Let Windows Update bring the machine up-to-date

    Install your favorite software using current install media. Discs are stale the moment they leave the mfgr. Vist the vendor site and download the current release.

    Licenses are going to be difficult since the image refused to install. You can try a few things, such as adding the image VHD to a virtual machine, but I'm not sure that would work. You could pull the data out of the image and hunt for the license information - you have plenty of room.

    But wait, don't you have the licences on the original discs or packaging? Sure would let me breath a sigh of relief.

    Once you get all software, Windows and 3rd party, up-to-date (as much as possible sans licenses) - make a backup of disk 0 using Macrium Reflect Free.
    Macrium Reflect Free

    Macrium Reflect KnowledgeBase - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

    Then try to restore the System image from inside Win10
    Advanced Startup Options - Boot to in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

    With any luck, it will work this time.
    You can run Belarc advisor to audit the install, including keys
    Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit, for software, hardware and security configuration information on your computer. Software license management, IT asset management, cyber security audits, and more.

    Save the HTML report to an external drive

    In either case, I think the Clean install will provide a better experience.

    You could restore the Macrium backup and finish installing the software that you could not locate the license information.

    These are choices you have to make. Whether you want to try to restore the image one last time or try to figure out how to get licenses for 3rd party software out of the image. If I get to vote - I'd try the image restore one last time since you have Macrium backup and can also try the other option.
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       06 Jul 2016 #48

    Thought of another scenario using the HP Pavillion disk
    It depends on what you have on that drive - if it's just the HP recovery media, then this might work out better

    Once the Clean install is done - disconnect the drive (disk 0) either physically or thought BIOS
    Connect the HP Pavillion drive

    Connect the drive with your System image on it
    Try restoring the image to the HP Pavillion drive
    Select create partitions option in the restore

    Something to think about - there are a few things that need to be answered before proceeding.
    Is the HP recovery the only thing on that drive
    Was Win10 originally on the machine
    Were you able to select the Create partitions in previous attempts
    Are there other System images that you could try to restore

    Question to self: Should the HP pavillion disk be pre allocated with 450 MB SysRes and 580 GB Windows parts

    I've never had this much difficulty with a system image restore, so I'm shot gunning a lot of options.
    Thanks for everything you're doing - I'm sure it's a bit frustrating.

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    [EDITED by Moderator]I will continue this thread and ask pertinent questions, but I need to speak one on one.

    Last edited by essenbe; 06 Jul 2016 at 14:44.
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       06 Jul 2016 #50

    caddman6425 said: View Post

    Could you email me directly? I will continue this thread and ask pertinent questions, but I need to speak one on one.

    Please remove your personal eMail from the post. You can PM me (click on Slartybart - select Private Message)
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