Windows 10: System Image Problem Solved

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  1.    12 Jul 2016 #271

    It's telling me it's going to take 6 hrs. to backup image, is that to late Bill? If so, we could pick up tomorrow if you have time.

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       12 Jul 2016 #272

    fdegrove said: View Post
    I wish we'd told Nick to check the box in advanced options to let Macrium automatically verify the backups.

    Are we sure the image of the SRP is valid for I remember there was a problem with that making Windows' restore fail or am I mistaken ?
    Yeah, I thought about auto verify when I was testing - forgot for both the SR and Windows parts.
    I checked the confirm Nick - Auto verify - N

    No sweat.

    Is the SRP valid? We shall see when restore time comes.
    If it's not, we can recreate it with Bootrec (fixBoot, fix MBR and rebuild BCD) or Startup Repair - but I think Macrium has a feature to fix the boot. I know there's a fixmbr option in Macrium restore options - that might be enough.

    The other thing, just to lay out the plan, is that I'm thinking of
    increasing the 350 MB SRP to Windows default 500 MB during the restore (Restored Partition Properties)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	macrium RestPartProps.png 
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Size:	77.9 KB 
ID:	89834

    The Active part will also have to be verified - should be the SRP

    Communication during the restore phase is paramount because once it starts, Disk 0 (we'll make sure it's disk 0 !) will be overwritten. The exiting parts will be deleted to make room for the restore.

    That's why I asked Nick to delete the D: Recovery part before - I was fairly certain it would require a forced delete and it did. It was the HP Recovery part (Vista????) and for all intents and purposes useless.

    I wasn't sure how Macrium Rescue would handle deleting an OEM part and didn't want to bounce Nick in and out of boots during the restore. It should be a straight shot
    Restore the SRP (resize to 500 MB)
    Restore the Windows part

    Boot to Windows install media to verify active part, tehn boot to Windows (hopefully)
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  3.    12 Jul 2016 #273

    Well I'm going to go lay down for awhile, if you don't mind. I so wiped and stressed, I haven't felt like this since back in 69 when they told me that I'd be on PBR's (Patrol Boat Riverine) in Vietnam.

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       12 Jul 2016 #274

    Ok and ... well

    Unfortunately Nick I have to call this the last ditch effort on my part - leaving town tomorrow morning 08:30 .

    6 hrs puts it around 02:30 my time - so that's no good.

    What's good?

    • The picture came though fine - good work.
      You have a way to read and post when booted to the Macrium Rescue CD
      Camera shots are fine

    • You have, or will have, the Macrium backup set 0_sysRes and 1_Windows of your System Image

    • Frank grasps the process and probably knows Macrium Restore better than I do - that's a big plus.

    • You're getting comfortable with Macrium - the Rescue CD is the same, but you'll do a restore instead of a backup (2nd tab on main screen)
      You need to boot to something other than Windows to restore Windows - that's why you needed the Rescue CD.

    After your nap, here's some reading:

    Rescue environment:

    That's about it, fairly straight forward
    First: restore G:\Macrium\0_sysRes-00-00.mrimg
    Second: restore G:\Macrium\1-Windows-00-00.mrimg

    Verify that the restored System Reserve part is the Active part (setting it Active if it isn't)
    Boot to Windows normally

    If there are boot problems - no sweat - boot back to the Macrium Rescue and:
    Fixing Windows boot problems - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

    I'll check back in a while ... maybe the estimate is off and the backup will finish in less time.
    If it does, we can see how far the restore gets or wait for Frank to take this project home.

    There has been a lot of new stuff for you and some new stuff for me. You've done a great job keeping up with everything. This is the final phase - I'm confident that it will work or else I wouldn't have suggested it. I'm not certain that it will work, but confident ..... 97% sure.

    See you in a few hours, dream of a restored machine in good working order.
    Nah, there has to something better to dream about.

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       12 Jul 2016 #275

    I've asked another member to look at your thread in my absence. If he assists you and Frank then you have nothing to worry about.

    Frank knows where I was going with this and is capable enough, probably more capable than I would be, to take you through the restore process.

    If Dick helps fill the time difference between you and Frank - you'll be fine.

    I specifically asked Dick to look in because I saw him help another member do a similar process. Now that I think of it, I think he has a standard System Reserve Partition (SRP) for BIOS/MBR systems in Macrium image format that he might offer as a download- not sure, it could have been another member. Regardless of who it was, both Frank and Dick know Macrium better than I do.

    You're in good hands.

    It has been my pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best with the rest of this process. I'll be up for a few more hours and will check your thread before hitting the sack.


    How was your nap?
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       13 Jul 2016 #276

    fdegrove said: View Post

    Good to see you guys are on it again.

    Bill, are you letting Nick make the Macrium backups to gain in access speed of the files inside the backup ?

    Sorry - I keep missing your posts - I'm not ignoring you

    The Macrium backups will be used to restore the SRP and Windows partitions that Windows System Image restore failed to do. It's a workaround to the normal process since you can't split the System Image using Windows native restore.

    I'm off - it should be a simple matter to restore the Macrium backups of SRP and Windows.

    Best regards

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  7.    13 Jul 2016 #277


    No worries.
    I'll have Nick expand the SRP after the restore is complete. Otherwise he'll have to do it from within Macruim's Rescue environment and we'll be working blind. IOW, no echo to go by.

    I'll let him make a backup of his WinRE partition using Macrium as well so we can then put it where it belongs and he can then resize his C:\ partition to what suits him best.

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  8.    13 Jul 2016 #278


    Bill wanted me to boot from my install media usb, well, when it rains, it pours. I cant, and when I boot regularly and look at the USB I file explorer, it say I have to format the disk, great, just great!

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  9.    13 Jul 2016 #279

    Hi Nick,

    We'll take care of that later if you like. Or, if you want to take care of it whilst I'm have supper then just reformat the USB drive. (FAT 32)
    If you have the install iso file on harddisk then you can simply mount it, select all files and copy these to the usb drive.
    Then you can set the USB drive to active from within disk management. I assume this is a pen drive with a single partition.
    If you don't have the iso file you can simply download it again from Techbench.

    Does your Macrium Rescue disk still boot properly ?

    O yeah, before I forget, did you make a backup of the Windows Recovery partition on your C:\ drive ?

    I'll be back again soon.

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  10.    13 Jul 2016 #280


    I create a image of drive c: before deleting partitions, is that what you mean I hope.

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