Windows 10: Data Backup Issues Solved

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    And by the way I was trying to figure out if it was one of your mistakes or the computer hardware or software I didn't think you will get upset I was trying to help you because we all make mistakes I do and I am not ashamed to say it. Many times I make mistakes
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    Well I'm sorry I am a professional also and I take care of approximately 25 companies across Canada for one thing as you mentioned and again that you are Drive's are sata drive so the terms for slave used to be used when you moved the jumper on an IDE drive to a selected position like slave primary or secondary so when you use the term slave you automatically talking on our drive with a jumper. SATA drives don't come with jumpers so the term slave is incorrect in our world, beside that all the companies that I assist all of them had a main server to backup their data. as per each individual like you mentioned for a company that large to steal have a method like you said after a hard drive dies you do a backup how do you do a backup of a hdd Drive if anything improper wording it would be.the recovery
    anyways I'm not trying to give you a hard time but you shouldn't go pinpointing in a room such as this there mostly are professionals
    You may take care of 25 companies, but what size are we talking? I work for a plane manufacturer, of which there are only two main ones in the entire world, one of them american, the other european, the one I work for is not american. It has thousands of employees, most of which have a laptop which whilst they are told constantly, do not store your data on it, back up regularly, use the servers, they do not listen and it is most certainly not my job to police this.

    Data sets on a site that make aeroplanes can be absolutely huge, we have plenty of network storage space, but still nowhere near enough to serve every single user. And the bandwidth to be developing huge 3d models across the entire world with no slowdowns would be unachievable.

    Please stop calling me wrong for saying to slave a drive is not correct. It is a standard term used across the world by many people who work with PC's or just general users, it is a known standard term. What do you call that process? Because its a lot quicker to say "slave a drive" than say, "put this drive into another machine". Simple English short hand.
    Obviously you have not heard this term used in this context before. I'm sure there are probably many other words, processes, terms and acronyms you and I have never heard, that doesn't make them incorrect.

    Sata drives actually do come with somewhere for jumpers that can perform some maintenance tasks that will not generally be used by anyone bar data recovery professionals.

    As for your last point, actually, it appears that yes, you are trying to give me a hard time. I haven't attacked anyone, a few suggestions were made and I pointed out logical answers to them, I wasn't trying to offend, simply point out, this isn't the correct suggestion whilst all feedback and suggestions are appreciated that doesn't mean I have to pretend the wrong ones are correct. I know this as I had already tested the answers before. I resolved the issue and it was as I suggested, not due to these things that I logically ruled out. I was just trying to get to the root of my problem and I knew the suggested things were not the right answer. Sorry if this looked like I was being aggressive or insulting, it was never directed that way.
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