I have a 2TB backup disk, and schedule a weekly backup of my USER data only, no system image created. My most recent backup apparently did not complete due to lack of space, per the msg. in Windows Backup...

There is a system image on the same disk, presumably in the folder called WindowsImageBackup? I don't see an option in Windows Backup to delete the system image.

Is it safe to just delete this folder WindowsImageBackup in FileExplorer (perhaps after I create a new system image on another disk ?

As of last backup my USER directory was about 300GB, but the backup is shown as 633GB.
When I go to "manage disk space" in Windows backup, I only see a single backup period, 11/15/15 - 1/27/16, so it appears that I can only delete the entire backup.

So I wonder why is this backup so large? How can I avoid having it just keep growing?