I have noticed a few odd things on my newly built computers:
1. When looking at the desktop through File Explorer, a number of shortcuts are not there. I can see them on the desktop, but not through the file explorer. Checking the security properties for these shortcuts, they have a user "Account unknown" , S-and a long number series of figures. This account has "special permissions". Visible shortcuts and files lack this strange account. What is this account and where does it come from? Is it possible to see also these files in File Explorer by some tweak? Why are they hidden there in the first place?
2. Right clicking the C drive on one of the computers, I find a previous version in the properties. OK. Apparently a system restore point was created last night, which is explained as "Installed Matrix". I did not install anything, and I have no clue what Matrix is. Anybody knows? Backing to this restore point apparently affects no program and there is no such program on the computer, I can find.