Windows version: W10 N 64 bit.

Before the recent November update, I created a image backup for my system drive which is the usual C: drive.
After the update, I also created a seperated image backup.

Now due to some unknown issue with Windows10-KB3010081-x64 (Media Feature Pack) not installing properly on the latest updated Windows- despite the installer ran flawlessly, none of the media components installed. I decided to roll back to my old before-update-copy to give it a try.

Now problem struck.

Currently I have 2 copies of image backups:
- 12 November before-update backup
- 14 November after-update backup

For some unknown reason the before-update backup image only consist of 1 partition (only 1 VHDX file), which is C: drive. And do not include the additional small system partition which is about 400MB in size. Whenever I try to restore to that image, the process telling me the following error:

Windows cannot restore your computer from the selected system image
The system image is from a dynamic disk. To restore from this system image, the layout of your computer has to match the layout of system image. The layout of this computer does not match the system image.
Choose a different system image to restore your computer from.

While the latest 14 November after-update backup image does have TWO VHDX file, one for C: drive and one for that small 400MB system drive. This copy can be restored without any problem. I am pretty sure I did the backup process exactly the same way, but the latest one came out with two VHDX files, hmm...

Now about dynamic disk, I checked all my drives and none of them are dynamic disk. Huh?
Dynamic disk is the one with green-border, right? I don't see any green border in my disk management...

Is there any possible way to restore that VHDX from 12 November backup, bypassing the error given?