I want to run Robocopy to copy my Money 2005 file every shutdown, I know Money has a backup facility but when my wife runs Money on her laptop (Using Homegroup) there is always a backup conflict with my PC and if I open Money and try to backup I get the same problem in reverse. To get round this annoying problem I have used Robocopy to copy the master .mny file to a separate drive. Money is installed on my PC and my wife accesses this from her laptop.

I have tried to use gpedit to run a shutdown script from the Robocopy .bat file in my Users/Documents/ folder. And saved this with a .bat extension. If I open the documents folder I can see the file but if I ‘view’ file from the group policy option it only shows as LOG file.

I tried to run this at shutdown but this did not work as the screen just showed ‘Shutting Down’ for so long I killed then restarted the PC. I opened Task Scheduler in the hope that that would work but did not see an option to run at shutdown.

The instruction is as follows:

[ robocopy "C:\Users\Alan\MS Money 2005 files" "K:\Microsoft Money 2005 saved files" /e /np /tee /mt:4 /log+:my_backup_log.txt

Pause ]

Any suggestions as to why it does not seem to run?