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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    1 "Is that what you mean by ‘ InstallationUSB’?" - I cannot tell from that description. The diagram in post #17 was of an Install USB.

    2 "Does this mean that WinPE (As on my MR Rescue disk ) does not recover Windows if it cannot boot?" - This is getting needlessly technical.
    - Your Install USB can be used to repair Windows [startup repairs, Repair install] & can be used to install Windows. It also has a command prompt in which many other tasks can be done.
    - Your MR boot disk can be used for Windows startup repairs & can be used to restore an MR system image to a disk. It also has a command prompt in which many other tasks can be done.

    3 "do I need a Windows Repair disk (RE) as well?" - No.

    4 "Do you need a new ‘installation USB’ whenever MS updates it’s operational software?" Yes, you need to remake / update your install USB when you update to a new Windows version each year.
    - I update mine by downloading the new version's ISO file, mounting the ISO, dragging its contents onto the install USB.
    - I also add Explorer++ portable to mine. I find it very handy.
    - We can discuss updating install USBs in more detail if you want.

    5 "I realise I am going off subject a bit here" - I cannot help with MR problems but your mix of full, differential & incremental backups looks wrong. I can understand a set of full backups. I can understand a mix of full & incremental backups. I can understand a mix of full & differential backups. But all three? That makes no sense to me. I suggest you re-read that section of the MR user gauide and decide which type[s] of backup you want.

    6 "Re that X:\ partition" - It should not normally have a drive letter. I believe that you allocated that particular drive letter to it.
    - I would never allocate anything the drive letter X:\. It can lead to misunderstandings at critical times. When you boot from your Install USB, the temporary OS set up by it runs in a virtual drive called X:\ as is shown in its command prompt.
    - It should always show as empty [which merely means that Windows itself cannot read it - It can be read by WinPE/WinRE, I don't remember which & I don't care which].
    - There is a procedure for removing it but without knowing what you did I cannot comment.
    removing the Recovery partition [NavyLCDR #16] - TenForums

    If you write any other massive posts like this please number your questions and put each one in a separate paragraph of its own so that I do not have to hunt through looking for them.

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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    I have followed the Tutorial and have a USB with MCT 22H2 download, when plugged in to my PC that offers to upgrade this PC or for use on another PC. Is that what you mean by ‘ InstallationUSB’?
    Here are some possible things you can do with that disk.
    1. Boot your PC from it and clean install Windows
    2. Boot your PC from it and (by selecting the option to 'Repair your computer') continue to Advanced Startup options
    (Command Prompt, System Restore etc).
    Essentially these are the same options as booting to advanced startup options from your installed Windows, assuming its Recovery partition is present and enabled, for example.
    3. Perform an in-place upgrade repair install - by booting your PC NORMALLY and then inserting that disk and browsing to setup.exe on it and running that- provided the disk is the same major build etc as your installed O/S.

    (If it's earlier, that won't work- if later, that will upgrade your installation

    You don't have to have one.

    Repair options:
    a. Disk imaging (of at least all O/S partitions, can include any and all disks and partitions if you wish).
    b. System Restore
    c. Backup of data- e.g. key data changing more rapidly than you image; data you choose not to image.

    I guess you would ONLY ensure you have the bootable disk for disk imaging and a current Win 10 install disk to hand if you only had 1 PC - if you have 2, you can create those any time you needed one.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    I got back Friday and noted that both full backups failed due to a ‘conflict’
    You would need to consider your backup retention rules and to which folder your backups are saved.

    I suspect you're having problems through creating full backups too frequently. I wonder which full backup image will be expected to be present when you run your diff. image. Maybe the relevant one has been deleted by retention rules.


    Here's what I do.

    I start a new disk imaging sequence with a full disk image after a major O/S upgrade.
    Image files for that backup are saved in a particular folder on my backup drive, named appropriately.
    Thereafter all images are differential
    I set retention rules defining the number of diff. images to be kept; that ensures there's no problem with disk space on the backup drive.

    If I have two imaging sequences for a given PC (data drives e.g.) then the image files for that are saved in a different folder on my backup drive.

    As to incremental and differential images, I understand that MR can combine these and manage them itself. I don't know much about that- never used it- but you must have the licensed version of MR to be using incremental imaging.

    Therefore you can
    a. read the huge manual
    b. search MR's forum (which you can as a free user too of course)
    c. post a question on MR's forum.
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    Win 10 Pro 64 V22H2 Build 19045.2728
    Thread Starter

    Try3 and dalchina.
    Thank you both for your very quick and even more helpful replies, you have answered the questions I had but did not know how to ask them correctly, you are quite right Denis I should have them numbered 1,2,3 etc.
    I will check out the MR guide/forum regarding the schedules I have, it does not look right to me but I don't know what is not right, yet.
    All MR backups are to an external drive.
    Honest, I did not assign the X to the recovery drive, wherever that partition came from I assume assigned it.
    I now have a list of the Tutorials I need to download and print so that should keep me occupied for some time!

    And no, I will not go any further with creating the Windows Repair disk!!

    Thanks Guys for your invaluable help.

    Best regards
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170


    "download and print"
    - you could read them online
    - you could print them to pdf, that's what I do.

    I keep a link to useful articles & I print many of them to pdf for offline reading but I do have to bear in mind that the articles might have been changed since I printed them. TenForumsTutorials, for example, get improved over time.

    More generally:-

    It's really worth making time to browse through the Tutorial index - there's a shortcut to it at the top of every page.
    - At the foot of the Tutorial index is a shortcut to download it as a spreadsheet.
    - I download a new copy each month.
    - By downloading it as a spreadsheet I can benefit from Excel's excellent filtering capabilities when I search for topics of interest.
    - Tutorials are also listed by category at Tutorials - there's also a shortcut to that at the top of every page.
    - Both tutorial lists are searchable.
    - You can also search for TenForumsTutorials in many general search engines, such as Google, by adding site:tenforums.com/tutorials after your search term. For example,
    taskbar toolbars site:tenforums.com/tutorials

    You can search TenForums using the search box in the top-right corner of all TenForums webpages or using Advanced Search - TenForums
    - You can also search TenForums threads in many general search engines, such as Google, by adding site:tenforums.com after your search term. For example,
    Search for drivers by HardwareID site:tenforums.com
    - [This is what the search box in the top-right corner of TenForums webpages does automatically]

    All the best,
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