Macrium Reflect CRC error code 23

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    Win 7/10/11

    Macrium Reflect CRC error code 23

    I've run into an issue on my son's system running Win10 22H2. When I attempt to create an image of the boot drive using Macrium Reflect it errors out with a CRC Code 23. This has been going on since last summer. I was just working/cleaning my son's system and had forgot about that issue until I returned it to him and went to make an image.

    I have Googled that issue and even found some references to it here on the Forums. I have narrowed the issue down to one of the boot drive partitions but not the actual OS partition as I can Image that one by itself with no issue.

    Win10 is installed via UEFI with the standard 4 partitions using a 1 TB NVMe drive.
    100 MB EFI partition
    16 MB Hidden partition
    Boot partition
    ~500 MB Recovery partition

    So this is not really a Macrium Reflect issue but an issue with one of the partitions. I have ruled out the OS partition. I know I can safely delete the Recovery partition. But not sure how/if I can repair the EFI partition if that one is the issue without reinstalling Windows. So wondering how to attempt repair on the EFI partition or the Hidden 16 MB partition?

    Although I should probably go ahead and rebuild his system with Win11 and move away from Win10. But he's a gamer and has a lot of games installed. He does use an SSD game drive. Plus he has a 4 TB HDD for data storage.
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    Hi, A CRC error indicates a problem with the file system- one or more clusters may be defective.
    When I had this happen to me, the drive was starting to fail.

    Start by checking the disk itself.

    Hard Disk Sentinel is excellent- result on its GUI, green is good. Giveaway or free functional trial.
    Simple SMART check- less informative- Crystal Diskinfo.

    Do not bother about repairing anything in terms of software/files/partition structures until you know the physical disk is good.

    Take the opportunity to check all other drives too.

    Once you have done that, should you find there are bad sectors, you need to determine which partitions are affected.

    First, presumably you already have a previous good image of all partitions. Please confirm that and how recent it is. It sounds as if you may not:
    This has been going on since last summer.
    Second, to identify which partition is affected, you can try imaging each individually in turn to check when the CRC error occurs.
    I have ruled out the OS partition.
    - is that how you did that?

    Assuming the Windows partition ' C: ' is good, you can quite easily build an O/S on a new drive if needed, using an image of that partition for example.

    If you had done a quick search for
    Macrium Reflect CRC error code 23
    you might have found e.g.
    Topic: Macrium Reflect – Backup aborted! – Unable to read from disk – Error Code 23 – D @ AskWoody
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    Hello BamaInArk. Just 2 days ago I had the exact same thing happen to me. Previous backups were all made with no problem and then suddenly error code 23. Tried new cable and problem remained. Then I tried an image but did not select the OEM recovery partition that came with my computer. Image was made with no problem. It is no longer valid, so I will repair that partition, delete it and then extend it into my C drive. dalchina's advice is the way to go to. Good luck.
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    Wanted to update this topic. I rebuilt my son's system with a newer motherboard/cpu/ram and now have the old motherboard to tinker with. I have narrowed the problem down to the 100 MB EFI FAT32 partition. So apparently it is that hidden partition that has the error in the file system but the system operates normally otherwise.
    I've Googled ways to possibly repair that partition like even giving is a drive number and running Chkdsk. In the big scheme of things I can simply reformat the NVMe drive and ignore the issue but I want to tinker with this and figure it out.....even if just to gain that knowledge.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Not seen that you've checked the physical disk yet.. e.g. Hard Disk Sentinel, Crystal Diskinfo.

    A marginally failing disk in terms of failing sectors might be 'repaired' temporarily by formatting it; it is possible to rebuild a EFI partition (search tenforums for examples).

    If your disk is failing- change the disk. Ensure you have good disk images of the other partitions.
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    Just a note:

    I would use CrystalDiskInfo to first check all the SMART parameters on that drive.
    You can post a screenshot or snipped image of the results here.

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