Here is how I do this in my company where I move sometime ~70 - 100Gb doc's etc.
- Use Total Commander
- press ALT + F7
- in the "Search for" bar enter all the extensions you would like to backup, like this "*.doc;*.pdf;*.jpg" etc.
- when the search is finished click on "Feed to List Box"
- select all the files or select which you have to backup
- when selected, press ALT + F5
- from the Packer section select 7z
- press "Configure"
- set the "Compression Level" to "Storage"
- when finished, you will have one file which is much faster to copy to any of your backup drives than all the small files separately, one by one.

The most important part of this kind of "Backup" is, does you will have the complete path where the file was located on the source computer, and you can extract them back to the same folder where they belong on the target computer.

This is my way I'm using, and it is very effective and fast.

I hope this will help you too.
My best regards.