MR7: Verify = "Permission Denied"

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    Whatever the condition of your Verbatim ext. drive, I would get a new one. They're pretty cheap.
    Here's a list on PCPartpicker. You can change the country if necessary at the top right.

    Choose External Storage - PCPartPicker

    The Western Digital Elements (1TB) for example is $48 in the US.


    External SSDs...
    Choose External Storage - PCPartPicker
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    Hard Disk Sentinel will give you an instant analysis showing the number of damaged and weak sectors and procected life.

    I had a drive fail similarly - problem when imaged. Whilst fully formatting it afterwards gave me back the rated storage in the usable area, that still meant the bad sectors were present- just not part of those allocated to the usable area.

    Would I trust that drive for mission critical work or storing precious photos? No. Nor would I wish the inconvenience of struggling with corrupted data.

    For the future: Routinely run e.g. Crystal Diskinfo (free) and set it to alert you automatically to degradation against set thresholds. Early warning.
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    From my notes at the moment:
    -the surface scan by Macrorit found 4 bad sectors but doesn't repair/lockout (but the scan can be done on a running drive, unlike chkdsk /r)
    -chkdsk /r found errors exactly in the Macrium SysImag file but can't fix (not enough empty room on the HDD, so apparently it wants to copy then delete the SysImg, only then lockout the bad sectors. needs ~129GB, have 123GB free)
    -CrystalDiskInfo won't detect the USB HDD, I tried various settings
    FAQ – Crystal Dew World
    CrystalDiskInfo supports only IDE (Parallel ATA) and Serial ATA disks connected internal ATA controller (Chipset included).
    CrystalDiskInfo supports a part of USB-HDD.
    CrystalDiskInfo does not support RAID disks and IDE (Parallel ATA) and Serial ATA disks connected external ATA controller.

    So I should probably delete the bad Image to make room, then chkdsk /r should work, then make a new MR7 img; then also get a new ext HDD.

    Does anybody know of a program similar to CrystalDiskInfo that might recognize my old Seagate USB HDD -- that can read the SMART info?

    @Ghot TY, that WD Elements drive is the one I'd put in my cart yesterday morning, but I don't see it available local, to buy today. I guess other of their lines (WD EasyStore?) are equivalent. I've read that WD currently has a lower failure rate than Seagate.

    @Bree, TY for elaborating. I do indeed have all zeroes for Raw values on my new-ish Seagate laptop drive, but CrystalDI won't recognize my old portable USB Verbatim drive.

    @dalchina TY I'll read up on Hard Disk Sentinel today. The close-together pattern of my posted Macrorit result tells nothing?
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    Here's Hard Disk Sentinel on an external drive- which was internal until the number of failed and failing sectors stopped a Macrium image completing:
    MR7: Verify = "Permission Denied"-1.pngMR7: Verify = "Permission Denied"-2.png

    It can also do surface scans, short and extended tests, monitor temperature...

    Crystal Diskinfo reading the same external drive:
    MR7: Verify = "Permission Denied"-1.png

    Note how much more informative Hard Disk Sentinel is.
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    The results from chkdsk /r on the old, damaged USB drive:
    66380554 free clusters processed.

    Adding 5654 bad clusters to the Bad Clusters File..

    312568640 KB total disk space.
    46870528 KB in 71792 files.
    18992 KB in 9569 indexes.
    22616 KB in bad sectors.

    To anybody new who is not familiar with chkdsk /r it takes a LONG time to do the final few percent, so don't think it is stuck even though it looks as if it's stuck. Let it run.

    @dalchina I like all that data from Sentinel. That is cool.

    I did a Macrium SysImg on my new USB3.0 ext HDD, that took about 35 minutes versus ~2 hours for my old 2.0 ext HDD. Still, I'd have thought it would have been faster. With a Ryzen 5, the cpu wasn't over burdened. Well, I guess being 10x the speed improvement is for reading and not for writing.

    TY everybody for all the help.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I made an MR7 SysImg on my new ext HDD. I copied that mrimg to my old damaged ext HDD. Doing that triggered CrystalDiskInfo to now recognize my old ext HDD for the first time. CDI gave a yellow caution.

    -- S.M.A.R.T. --------------------------------------------------------------
    ID Cur Wor Thr RawValues(6) Attribute Name

    05 200 200 140 000000000000 Reallocated Sectors Count
    C5 193 193 __0 00000000017D Current Pending Sector Count
    C6 100 253 __0 000000000000 Uncorrectable Sector Count
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