I use iTunes on my Windows 7 PC to maintain a couple of my iPhones. I installed it into Windows 10 and basically, it works. I had been syncing, and I was able to do a restoration this morning, I had no problems with that. But when I try to restore my backup, that's where things went blooey.

iTunes will restore my data, but after that it is supposed to reboot the device and then start copying all of my apps back in. That's where it fails, after it reboots it just sits there and the restore fails to start the final sync. This happened twice in a row. Finally I had to do another restore and I copied my backup set into Windows 7 and I ran the restore in there, the final sync started and my apps are going back in. I was glad to find out I can pull a backup set from another machine and have it work. But it's easy to export/import whole libraries from one machine to another, this issue seems to be basic functionality, it's not doing what it is supposed to be doing.

Maybe iTunes 11 is simply broken for Windows 10? If I have to I'll update it to 12 which I hate, but I want to avoid that if I if I can.

Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with iTunes, any kind of trouble. I was lucky to still have my iTunes 11 installer saved, I want to keep using that because it works best for my devices. But is anyone else having any other kind of trouble?