# 250 GB Samsung SSD installed on laptop with partitions: 1.17GB system, 221.95 GB W7 Ultimate, 9.76 GB Recovery
# New 1TB Western Digital Blue SSD
#Macrium image of 250 GB Samsung SSD with partitions: 1.17GB system, 198.66 GB W10, 9.76 GB Recovery. This was a clean W10 install on the same laptop and was imaged before going back to W7 Ultimate (due some apps not working well with W10)

Hardware: x201 ThinkPad

What I want to do:
Dual boot W7 U and W10 2004. Have boot menu be modern W10 GUI rather than old style W7 boot menu. 10 year old laptop so this will be legacy boot.

1) Using Macrium clone, the existing 250 GB Samsung SSD with W7U to the new 1TB WD SSD. Remove Samsung SSD and install the new 1TB WD SSD.
2) Create 2 additional partitions. One for W10 and the other for Data only (to be shared between OSí). Planning for 200GB for W10 and remainder for Data Only.
3) Use Macrium Boot Repair (USB) to create proper boot menu.
4) Change boot order to W10 first using the following command. How to change the boot UI back to modern

# W7 installation is OEM W7 Pro upgraded to W7 Ultimate
# W10 2004 image resulted from failed upgrade from W7 U to W10 2004. I then clean installed to the same Samsung SSD and it worked fine. As stated above, old programs that would not run properly on W10 caused me to go back to W7 (by restoring an image of the drive using a Windows image and the W7 repair utility rather than Macrium).
Question: Will MSFT require activation of W10 again? Not let me run W7 U?
If W10 activation becomes issue, can I use a W8 Upgrade Key I bought years ago but didnít use? I also have a no longer used XPP key. This was used to upgrade XP Home but that laptop is out of use.

Appreciate any tips and feedback before I start this project. Am waiting for the new drive to arrive.