Putting Windows 10 Back on my PC

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    Putting Windows 10 Back on my PC

    I have Windows 10 installed since I first got my notice years ago that 8 would not be working anymore. I'm at my friend's house now on her PC. I have always disliked when Microsoft 'updates' my computer as I am used to how it was. So yesterday when a new update came on and I was angry again so I tried to restore it to the previous version without the new update. When it was done I had Windows 7 on! So pushing many buttons and trying for sometime Windows 8 came up. Before I left my house about an hour ago I typed in to restore Windows 10 (which I also typed in when 7 and 8 came up). It was working re 1/2 done so I'll check it when I return home in a few hours. If I can restore the latest version I will have to be patient and learn how to navigate the new updates (being an old timer of 71 now). Any help will e greatly appreciated. Thanks, Pochie
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    Hi, I'll only comment on controlling updates in Win 10. I'll asume you have Home - you don't say.

    You haven't stated which build of Win 10 you are using, or what the update was - or whether it was a feature update (build upgrade), therefore I will only mention that build 1903 of Win 10 introduced more control of Windows Updates for Home users.

    In addition, total control of Windows Update has been available for several years via free 3rd party utilities, often mentioned here.

    Consider build 1903: see the options available for deferring and delaying updates:
    How to delay the Windows 10 November 2019 Update while still getting updates | Windows Central

    In this Windows 10 guide, we walk you through the different ways that you can delay the November 2019 Update on your device, whether it's running Windows 10 Pro or Windows 10 Home, without missing essential quality updates.
    Build 1903 allows Home users to pause updates:
    Enable or Disable Pause Updates Feature in Windows 10

    And Home users from build 1903 can choose not to accept build upgrades (feature updates):
    Microsoft Abandons Windows 10’s Constant Forced Updates

    In addition: should you want to take total control, there have been free utilities available for several years to block Windows Update and provide manual scan, allowing you to choose by ticking check boxes which updates you wish to install.

    WUmgr (Windows Update Manager)

    And see Option 7 in this tutorial:
    Enable or Disable Windows Update Automatic Updates in Windows 10

    Removing updates:

    Updates can generally be uninstalled.

    Feature updates (upgrades) can be rolled back - to the previous build- with a time limit- by default within 10 days of being applied.

    I am lost as to why you are moving back and forth between Win 10 and Win 7 and 8.
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    Hi Dalchina. Thank you for the information. I did not know this information existed as this is the first Windows forum I've been on. I don't switch back to 7 or 8. The computer did that when I tried to restore Windows 10. When I get to my home computer I'll see if it is now back on. I will then try build 1903. Do I just type that in to be installed? I'll get back to you later. Pochie
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    . Do I just type that in to be installed?
    No- not as simple as that.
    Clean installing (from scratch) is considerably more complicated.

    Upgrading from a previous build via Windows Update takes perhaps up to an hour, maybe more, typically involving at least a 4Gb or so download.

    If you clone (complete copy) to a disk or use disk imaging, you can restore from those- but that requires a number of steps.

    I don't know how you are moving from one build to another according to your initial description.

    Anway, tell me what your PC does now, and whether you can log in.
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    Cannot even log in

    ALL the computer does now is show the screen where I can click on RESTORE...a Checkmark...or EXIT...an X...when I click on the Checkmark it goes to a black screen with white letters and a previous build #...I'm not at home again, of course...so I don't remember the build code...then in the space I have typed in windows 10 and it says to click the right arrow on the keyboard which I do.(I've done this maybe 5x already).. then a new screen comes up that says it is doing a system restore....don't turn off and it may take awhile...it takes about 45 minutes. It then says the PC will auto shut down, restart and I'll have my Windows 10 back.....BUT....the SAME screen comes up again like I just told you about... When I first did this the PC restored to WINDOWS 7!....then trying it again..still with windows 10 typed it ...it went to WINDOW 8 but didn't really get there as no files, etc. appeared....now back to where I am now...I cannot even get on my PC....all it does is show the window re restoring.....
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    I don't know what state your PC is in.

    As you probably haven't been using disk imaging regularly- having disk images of Windows on an external disk means you can recover to a previous good state even if your disk fails and you need to buy a new one- I suggest the only rational thing to do is to clean install Win 10. That will then mean reinstalling any programs and copying back user data from your backup.

    That raises the question of whether there is data on your system disk in your PC that you haven't backed up, and need to recover. Anything from photos to license keys for programs you have installed...

    Do you need to recover anything before clean installing Win 10?

    How many separate physical disks are there in your PC?
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    That sounds good BUT I cannot even get on my PC to access the internet, email or anything. It only shows what I previously told you. Would I be able to buy a Windows 10 disc and go from there? I always assumed Microsoft did a backup of all folders, etc. so I never did anything in my own backups.
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    Hi, it seems your first priority will be to try to recover data from your system disk, before clean installing Win 10.

    Backing up data is entirely your responsibility as a user.

    You have two possible approaches:
    - create a live boot disk (free) and boot your PC from that into a familiar Win 10 environment with utility programs- that's entirely independent of your internal disks.
    - remove the system disk from your PC and connect it as an external disk to another PC.

    Then copy data off that disk. Suitable storage required for your backup copy.

    Both need access to another PC of course.

    Here are two live boot disks:
    Toolkit Item: Kyhi’s Rescue Disk – Win10.Guru
    Bob.Omb's Modified Win10PEx64 - Best Rescue Disk 2018

    Note: creating a bootable disk from an iso file does NOT mean simply copying the file to the disk.

    Once you have recovered any data from your system disk and used the utilities on the bootable disk to test it successfully, you can proceed to clean install Win 10.

    That will mean you have to
    - reinstall all programs
    - copy back user data as appropriate from your backup

    Clean Install Windows 10

    Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10
    - sections here also show you 2 methods to create a bootable disk.
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    I am afraid I might mess of my friend's PC. Do you think there are companies that have agents they send out to do this? I can check. I live in York, Pennsylvania. I hate to do repairs via internet as I don't feel safe at all. Thank you for your guidance!
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