This is also posted on Windows Seven Forums. The question is whether or not at this point I would be better off trying to restore data to a fresh install of Windows 10. Please read description below of what happened
64 bit OS Windows 7
ASUS MBAMD Processor
16 Gig of RAM1 SSD C: With Win 7 OSI made a new PCs for my wife in 2014 moving the users folder to a hard drive E: This worked fine for years. I had been using either Acronis or now Macrium Reflect to backup the OS and Data drives separately. I had no problem restoring the OS or Data when there were problems. But recently, I violated the keep it simple principle!I now realize, quite foolishly, wanted to make a RAID 1 windows 7 software mirror and added a second HD. I created the mirror from Disk Management.The mirror initially worked but then I got a failed redundancy error. There was nothing wrong with the physical drive.I backed up the data drive using the free version of Macrium Reflect.I broke the mirror and now I am unable to logon getting the profile service problem. Somehow, the profile must be corrupted. I can boot to Windows but cannot log on. I have two full backups one prior to the mirror failure and one after.I now understand that Macrium does not backup the Dynamic state of the disk. I have tried restoring the data to either a basic disk or a dynamic disk created using diskpart but nothing seems to be working. I am wondering if I should try a fresh install of Windows 10

Should changing to Windows 10 be a better solution, what is the best way to do it?

Should I restore the data to a basic disk and assign and drive letter to it, that the fresh install will automatically find the data drive......or, do I have to write a script as I did for Windows 7 moving the users folder?

Please, any help would be appreciated. Any help would really be appreciated. I have no idea what to do at this point.