Restoring Backup to New Machine

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    Restoring Backup to New Machine

    I have small home based business and I have a computer that has all my software for accounting, orders etc. I paid a consultant good money to set and configure all that. He also said he put 2 drives that copy on each other so if one go bad, the other takes over. Have UPS. I have done everything that was needed and recommended.

    Now someone told that what if the motherboard go bad, I will be left in a bad shape . I thought the regular backups I do on external drive can be taken to a new machine and I can be back in business. Is that not true? My understanding was I buy a new computer, open the backup and good to go in few hours. Is that correct or the restore only work on the same machine? If so what is the use of backup!
    Thank You.

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    To add, I have Windows 10 Professional. It has been customized with many changes to setting and some softwares to run my business to take order entry, run accounting , work with touch screen etc etc.
    Essentially I have spent a lot of time and money to get things going. I wanted to know what to do if other than harddisk something go bad and the computer is essentially not usable and I have to buy a new one and be ready in as short time as possible.
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    Hi cakeMake. Welcome to TenForums @cakeMake

    Not sure what Accounting package you are using but it should have a backup routine. It will create a backup data file on an external device, say a USB key or external drive.

    This backup should be done regularly even if you have a Raid environment, writing to two drives, as this protects you from viruses and ransomware. This backup device should not be on or connected to your machine 7/24 and ideally not kept right beside machine. (This helps you survive theft, fire, water damage.)

    Should you have to buy a new machine you would install your accounting package, usually simple enough and then within the accounting package you would either open or restore your data file. Your data elements, accounts, G/L's will all be as they as of the date of the backup.

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    If the motherboard malfunctions it can be replaced.
    Windows can be reactivated:

    There are licensing issues that prevent end users from restoring backup images on multiple computers.

    There is more flexibility in restoring an image on a new computer if the windows license is retail.
    Windows OEM is licensed to one computer.
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    Windows 10 can also be restored to a system that has had the motherboard changed due to failure as long as its assigned to a Microsoft Account - all you need to do is sign in once with a valid active MS account and then when you need to restore the licence to the system contact Microsoft and they will sort it for you
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    Hello. It is not the windows license I am worried about. I would gladly pay for that. It is all the setup of softwares and how they work together. It was a lot of time spent in getting it all together.
    So if I take the backup, buy a new computer from Best Buy (which will come with windows license as is) and then use the backup to copy over to new machine. Will things work just like in my present computer?
    Thank you. This forum is really helpful !
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    For your accounting software please read post #2.

    Your accounting package has a backup routine that will copy all aspects.
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    Hello Ken. That is correct. It does. But, it has been configured and files download to a specific directory to read excel files and which is tied to order system and payment system. I did not, made a mistake, get a software for restaurants which would have tied it all together - well you live and learn :) So few things need to be done in addition to just the accounting software.

    I essentially want to be able to take the backup with everything in right places and take it to a new computer. no issues about windows license or anything like that, i would gladly pay that as the hastle to call and wait for the consultant who helped me to come and get it going is far more.

    Thank you again!
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    It depends on how big files are that are needed but the best way is to include the files in either Google drive or one drive. They are then safe in case of fire or major problems and would come down to any new PC all on there own. Many have a good backup only to find they loose everything in fire
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    Well you could be looking at what Nigel posted in post #4.

    The individual that setup your machine should have left you with documentation on setup. If the accounting package has these setups then they too should be included in accounting backup. If he gave you little batch files to run by double clicking icons they would have to be backed up.

    Assuming they (the person who set things up) set up your package using standard libraries (eg. Documents) for excel files when you copy in your Documents directory from your backup I see no reason why it wouldn't work.

    Macrium Reflect (Backup Software) has a ReDeploy feature. This might be, I do say might be, the answer.

    Let me ask and get back to you.

    So we are on a more level playing field what Back up software are you using and what has it been set to back up?

    Some back ups just backup data, some just backup system and others capture all. I would see system being backed up monthly and data, at a minimum, weekly. If you create a lot of data or changes daily then data would be backed up daily ( as a Incremental back up which just captures changes.)

    Did this person leave you with restoration procedures which included bootable media?

    Did they leave you with procedures to restore your raid ( copying data to two disks at once) should one disk break? Should you buy new machine Raid is something you will need to have set up. No back up software will do this.

    I know what you want to do but that is why there are techies out there. You need to ensure that everything needed is being backed up, that at least one copy is off site and from there if it breaks you get them to restore. If being backed up properly restoration shouldn't take more than two hours.
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    I proposed question on Macrium Reflect forum and I will post their answer.
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