External HDD dead/dying - potential revival/recovery/optimization?

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    The external HDD is a Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB.

    Damage-wise, I have dropped it once before where I got concerned. Other damage would be disconnecting it without the safe disconnect procedure (it supposedly had some function to make this safe, but clearly not as the first two times the HDD has failed on me has been because of this, and not on purpose the second time) or just carrying it in a backpack that got thrown around a lot.

    I tried plugging it into my laptop again (the PC I was using when it suddenly stopped working a couple weeks ago) and it got recognized after a little while. It behaves strangely but works better on my laptop than on my desktop.
    I am currently copying the most important files off of the HDD so that I can format it later. The HDD did not want to copy files from my desktop at all, so this is some sort of progress I guess :)

    I wouldn't be surprised if the cable is the main issue for it not being recognized etc. but there is definitely something wrong with some partitions etc. as both Windows and Ashampoo warns me of it.

    What should my next step be? Will it work normally if I format it, or should I recover partitions or something similar? Thanks for all the help so far!
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    Glad to note that you have made some significant progress in retrieving the data from the crippled 1TB Seagate Backup plus Slim external HDD by plugging it in to your laptop.. Continue and recover as much data as possible. Strike the iron while it is hot .

    When done with it and if possible try to take a screenshot of Windows Disk Management. and post it.

    "but there is definitely something wrong with some partitions etc. as both Windows and Ashampoo warns me of it."
    Can you specify what exactly was the warning you got?

    Now Why did I want specific details of your external HDD? Just to check whether it has a sata connector on the HDD inside. And it appears that it does have a SATA connector and it is a regular mobile HDD that if you succeed in extricating without damaging it
    , can be plugged into a Desktop motherboard SATA port. But keep it as a last option when all else fails..

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Watch this YouTube video on extricating. Desktop Harddrive Upgrade with Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB

    (That was a 2TB backup Plus SLIM and the 1TB one shouldn't be different)

    Now wait for other experts who have been into this thread advise you on further course of action. I shall take a backseat .

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    I cannot specify the warning from Ashampoo as I haven't been able to recreate it. My desktop is really finicky when it comes to recognizing the HDD. The warning as far as I remember was a general warning telling me the disk is at risk, telling me there are bad sectors/partitions or something similar while a loud alarm sound played.. The warning Windows gave me told me there were issues with the disk and that the recommended course of action was to scan it or something similar.

    After recovering all important data I tried formatting it, but got an error saying the disk was write protected.
    After googling a bit I found some command prompts that allowed me to get rid of the write protection status that worked, as removing it through the properties window didn't. After doing this the disk doesn't show the size in any other way than the number showed in the Disk Management window. It says the disk is empty, but I surely haven't formatted it yet.
    Windows is now telling me the disk is RAW, where it was NTFS before I removed the write protection status.

    I have attached an imagine of the Disk Management window from my laptop.
    (In Norwegian sadly, hope it isn't an issue)

    Windows gives me an error every time I'm trying to format telling me Windows can't finish the formatting.

    I did open the disk enclosure before trying to change the write protection status, it looked fine and I can confirm it has a SATA connector :)

    A second picture, as I've now connected it via SATA to my desktop. It's apparently not initialized, but I can't initialize it according to Windows (the system can't find the assigned file, or something similar).
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Disk.png  
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    Sorry, I didn't see the edit of your post including the WDM screenshot. ( I was expecting the screenshot in a new post following my post )

    I understand that having recovered all important data, your only concern and interest now is to check whether it could be formatted and made usable.

    Try this : Run Checkdisk

    Run check disk from Administrator command prompt.

    Against the prompt, Type CHKDSK K: /f /v /r /x Press enter. Note: Replace K: with the actual drive letter of the external drive. Do note that there is a space before every / in the command switch/option.

    Allow check disk to complete. ( Do not interrupt checkdisk for any reason even if it takes hours. Do not use your PC for any other task. No multitasking. Leave it alone.)

    If checkdisk refuses to run on the RAW drive or aborts by itself midway through, try low level formatting with HDD Lowlevel format tool
    HDDGURU: HDD LLF Low Level Format Tool . Do a full wipe. It just writes zeros to all sectors just like diskpart cleanall . The only difference is that you can see a verbal progress as it runs through sector by sector. If it encounters a bad sector and stalls, you can see that reported in the progress Window. ( Exercise caution to select the correct drive to wipe.)

    If the utility completes the task successfully, then you can initialise and do a regular format.

    If it fails on encountering a bad sector, that is the end of the story. You had had enough of it. Time to say Goodbye. (I would take it to Preikestolen ( see below) and throw it down into the cold waters unless someone else promises the moon .)

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