Macrium reflect 7.1.3317 restore stuck

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    When I said delete paritionsI meant use diskpart or other software
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    ah. ok. I will give a try and let you know
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    So if I read posting correctly you cannot verify your image. I'm not sure why Macrium has Verify off in defaults. In my opinion it should be on an then let the user say I don't need that.

    and confirming when it hangs you give it time to complete or at least add to progress meter.

    We had a thread last week and one issue was insufficient disk space. Wasn't on verify but creating differentials. As the member made more free space available the faster the task ran . So the disk where you have the image, how much free space is on this drive.

    If you can't verify the backup then to me it does not matter the condition of the target.

    I think it is time to step back and think through possible paths.

    First do you have your data on a separate backup that can be used to restore the personal data?

    If not, can you browse this image and see your data?

    Macrium reflect 7.1.3317 restore stuck-image.png

    Might suggest using another machine to get data to safe place.

    Do you have another machine and the resources to move both drives to. Then attempt the verify and restore on that device.

    You could run chkdsk on the source disk but this could really cause issues. I might clone the source disk before I tried using chkdsk.
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    I had 90% of my data on secondary HD so they are safe. On the same hd I had my backup image. I don't know how much space I have in that disk, but if macrium "uncompress" image in the disk where it is located and than copy data to target drive the lack of space may be a clear suspect and that the various attempts progressively hangs on earlier steps may indicate a progressive lack of space due to previous intents. what I could do is boot with a linux live distro, copy image to an external USB hd and try to restore from that external drive via macrium rescue media.
    if this solves the issue it is clear that macrium should implement a function that warns user about the insufficient space on this to perform the recovery in order to prevent such occurrences.

    I will give it a try
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    I was just looking for possible causes.

    I would also set all future backups to verify. Takes time but I just let it run in background.

    Hopefully you can browse image and get the last 10% of data.
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    At last I made it!

    Following the clue of "insufficient space on disk" where backup image was store I tried the following:

    Using an Ubuntu live distro I boot up and moved the back up file from 1st partition of secondary data disk (by the way, datas were all safe!) which had only 98 Gb free (to recover a 85 Gb image... this was quite important) to the 2nd partition of the same disk which had 458 Gb free.
    Then powerd off Ubuntu live booted Macrium rescue media and start recovery process again.
    This time it passed through steps 1 and 2 very quickly and started step 3 so I thought the free space factor was crucial and that with 458 free Gb it would be enough to successfully recover.

    I was wrong! On step 3 at 10% it got stuck once more. But really something was telling me it was the right path, I only had the doubt of HOW MUCH free space I needed to finish the recovery task.

    As my last try, using once again de Ubuntu live distro, I copied the backup image to a brand new external 1 Tb USB hard drive with almost ALL storage space free. I indeed copied the direcetory with system drivers installers, and on the HD there are a few hd tools from vendor so backup image was not the only file present but I can reasonably say the others are not really relevant about there size.

    Well, I started recovery process for one and LAST time (whether it would be successful or not) and this time IT WORKED FLAWLESS!!!

    Now I can't really tell if the problem I experienced it's about fault of free space or to have the image stored in an internal HD, but I'd bet it's the first hipotesis.
    I have to say indeed, that whatever was the problem that got me stuck so many times it's UNACCEPTABLE that a software like Macrium fails so many times WITHOUT ANY WARNINGS OR GIVING THE USER ANY INFO about the problems occourred.
    Nevertheless it is quite unbelievable that it is almost verified that to recover a 98 Gb image it has to be stored in a media with about 900 Gb free!!!

    I have to investigate further about this because I always relied on Macrium (as I previously said) and I will check if I made some "error" creating my image, for example setting the compression level to high which resulted in more drive space needed for deinflating image prior to recovery, but even if this would be the answer I think it is simply absurd that MAcrium doesn't warn about this or other issues possibly caused by "wrong" settings.

    I think Macrium should work hard polishing it's software.Until then I will switch back to AOMEI Backupper 3.5 which was always totally reliable and worked like a flaw 100% times.

    Finally thank you so much to all of you for your help and support!
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    Hey I'm going with the copy. Not sure how but I've never needed that much space. I mentioned it as space did speed up another function.

    Have you run chkdsk against the old backup image?

    Glad it is sorted. I would also enable verify by default.
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    I assume something happened but indeed AOMEI always worked as I flaw in the same condition. I wonder what was the problem because I REALLY would like to go on using Macrium.
    Problem : I have no idea how to discover what went wrong (but IT DID!!!)
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    Windows 11 Pro x64 Version 23H2

    Did you run chkdsk ?

    Like I said I verify as part of backup.

    Most of us have had no issues with Macrium but I agree even one is too many.

    Do you keep versions. I also don't keep on machine as it is accessible (Ransomware) and vulnerable to localized events (blown PSU)
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    How do I run chkdsk against image?
    I usually keep only one version on the secondary hd of same machine. If the clue is to save image to an external device it should be adviced.
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