Macrium Reflect image names.

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  1. reddice's Avatar
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    Macrium Reflect image names.

    Does it matter what you name your images? Macrium has a checkbox recommending you use the default name. Also how do you keep your images named properly so it does not get confusing. I do about 2 to 3 image backups a week since I mess my computer up trying different software and settings and when I have to fix W10 it gets confusing finding which one to restore.
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  2. Access Denied's Avatar
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    I name only my other drive backups. I let Macrium name the C drive and sort them by date in the folder. Also keep each drive's backups in their own folder, ie "Windows" "Data" etc.

    It does not matter if you name them. I have restored both ways and never ran into an issue.
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    I name them the date. Today would 20180708
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  4. reddice's Avatar
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    Does it matter if the names have spaces in them?
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  5. Access Denied's Avatar
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    EDIT: Spaces are fine

    mine let it run as

    test for forum-00-00.mrimg.tmp

    the tmp is only there until it finishes of course.

    Macrium added the -00-00 to the end.
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  6. reddice's Avatar
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    I always wonder why they add 00-00 is at the end.
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  7. Access Denied's Avatar
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    reddice said:
    I always wonder why they add 00-00 is at the end.
    The end of the image file contains a number pair? 'xx-yy.mrimg'

    'xx' is the increment number.
    00 - Full image
    01 - first incremental/differential
    02 - Second incremental/differential

    'yy' is the file number and is always sequential. 00, 01, 02, 03... . This will be different to the increment number only if files have been split. This can happen if files larger than 4GB are saved to a FAT32 file system or you are saving an image to multiple DVDs.

    Full article on Macrium site: How backup sets are created and maintained - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase
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  8. Josey Wales's Avatar
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    On the first image on a new Win 10 Build I name it ie 17134.xx all the rest default.
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  9. Phone Man's Avatar
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    This is how I name mine for the OS drive.
    I use the same method for my PC "Jim" My wife "Gayle" and my laptop "Lenovo" Name 1st and then the rest.
    You can also rename them at any time.

    Macrium Reflect image names.-macrium-name.jpg

    When making a backup you can use "comment" under Advance Options and when you open Restore the Comment will show.

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  10. Clintlgm's Avatar
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    What I do is I have MR Backup Folders for each drive and I keep all images and backup for that drive in that folder I use the default MR actual names there actually pretty easy to keep up with because of the dates and locations. I also use the comment section for details
    My back up folder structure
    MR Backups (Folder)
    Computer (Sub Folder)
    C Drive (Sub Folder)
    C Partition (Sub Folder)
    D Drive (Sub Folder)
    E Drive (Sub Folder)
    Important Files (Sub Folder)d (this is a file and folder back up of my critical files and folders gets backed up several times a day)
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