Previous Versions Missing (System Restore Issue?) Solved

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  1.    21 Mar 2018 #1

    Previous Versions Missing (System Restore Issue?)

    From what I understand, in windows 10, when your computer makes a restore point because of some process, or you decide to make a manual restore point just in-case something goes wrong, it also makes those files accessible through the previous versions tab in the properties windows of files/folders (Example, right click folder on desktop labeled "Finished Projects", click on previous versions tab, and older versions of folder and subsequent files should show), but right there lies a problem for me

    I seem to have it bugged, as I had 4 old restore points, so I should've had 4 older versions in the Previous Versions tab, but it says there's nothing there at all like so
    Click image for larger version. 

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    beyond a dism and sfc scan/repair check, and updating my computer, would there be any other solutions bar reinstalling the OS if this persists?
    Current Version is Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit 1709 (Build # 16299.214)
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  2.    21 Mar 2018 #2

    Disk Cleanup and/or other cleanup programs can delete old system restore points. It also happens if you at any time stop creation of new restore points. Those are also deleted when install new build. It's wise to also check System restore status after new builds or large updates. Old Restore points are of no use after that happens so they are useless after such upgrades/updates.
    As MS is constantly depreciating windows native backup, the best way is to make a full system backup with a program like Macrum Reflect and keep it current. System Restore was never a substitute for full backup anyway.
    There are many ways to restore system to pristine state, from doing "In place system upgrade" to restoring from Start > Settings > Update and security > Recovery > Restore this PC with or without keeping old files, programs and settings.
    As for particular programs, I keep couple of versions for each program as it as downloaded or otherwise acquired so they can be reinstalled if something goes wrong.
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  3.    21 Mar 2018 #3

    Please be aware that System Restore does not back up or protect your own personal files or all installed programs, for example, so even if you have restore points, you could not expect previous versions for such files to be available on that basis.

    When a restore point is used to restore your system - and it works, it affects system files, updates, the registry, drivers, and programs installed during the period since that restore point. Not your data files. So the files for which you might expect to find previous versions would be comparatively limited.

    Note that all restore points are deleted when any form of upgrade procedure occurs (as they should be).
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  5.    21 Mar 2018 #5

    I understand macrium reflect is more recommended over windows default system restore, and I did a dism check, no corruption, an sfc scan found stuff and fixed it, I even turned off system protection for my c drive and turned it back on, made another restore point, and the previous versions feature still doesn't work

    I don't know if file history was set to back everything up to another hard drive, heck, I forgot how it was even set-up in the first place; only thing I know is if there was an older version of a file I needed incase the current one got pear-shaped, all I had to do was take it from a Previous Version from a system restore backup I made. I read the posts from CountMike, dalchina, and youy Brink, but is there ANY way I can fix this missing functionality, or am I just stuck with file history/manual backups?

    something interesting-ish I saw, is when I made the manual backup; I forgot to mention that I have the max usage set at 16%. Its initial file size was at 18.91 MB, but its been steadily climbing still it has paused at 26.36 MB, and the size still seems to be increasing.
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       21 Mar 2018 #6

    "Previous Versions" works best from what you have included in "Windows Backup" and "File History". File versions from restore points is not reliable.

    Personally, I find "File History" to be more reliable if set up properly for what you want included.
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  7.    21 Mar 2018 #7

    maybe ill use file history, considering I got a 500GB HDD slave drive I don't use for anything except system image backups in worse-case scenarios, but I would honestly like to get what I talked about above working before I set-up file history

    I did enter a contest to hopefully win a new computer (even though I rarely if not even win, they're all rigged against me ), and if I win any problems I have now will be moot then, though I don't have much faith in it
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  8.    14 Apr 2018 #8

    I found a sort of workaround using the shadowexplorer program to access the older files; I forget though, if file history really took-over the previous versions tab, then what default settings were used that let it take from the C: disk restore points, because im absolutely sure that before I had the 500 GB slave drive, it was all on the C: disk.

    Either way, thanks for the help
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       14 Apr 2018 #9

    Great news.
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  10.    02 Aug 2018 #10

    I think I fixed the issue somehow (without needing shadowexplorer as an alt)? I swore that in the past, if I had an older version of a file (lets say oldest version was 5 months ago) on my desktop or anywhere, I would right click it, get the previous versions tab, and "Extract" that file in question to wherever I wanted. Maybe I mistook it, because I just made a restore point, right clicked a folder on my desktop, and I find that the folder shows up in my previous versions tab again.

    So either I did have the function to extract older files from previous version/system restore backups without shadowexplorer, or it never existed at all and I completely forgot about it
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