File History Stopped Working...

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       01 Mar 2018 #21

    jamis said: View Post
    Curious to know when bld. 17063 (17083?) will be available, as this system is at bld. 16299 and is current according to Windows Update as of this writing...
    Version 1709, build 16299.248 is the latest public version.

    The Insider builds are now being named as version 1803, this version is expected to be released to the public as the Spring Creators Update around mid-April.
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       01 Mar 2018 #22

    Is there a description of Timeline posted anywhere? It would be helpful to know where MS are going with this. IMO OneDrive is useless for saving a terabyte of backup.
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    spilly said: View Post
    Is there a description of Timeline posted anywhere?
    The tutorial Open and Use Timeline in Windows 10 gives a guide to its use. Bear in mind it is subject to change/development while it is an Insider build. That's what Insiders are for, after all :)
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    I've run out of patience with this issue regarding FileHistory. I'm just going to use this new $50 TB drive for system backup and just run it at night when no one is using the system. I do System Images to a pair of father/son external drives prior to Windows Updates, so I guess I'll be safe until something better comes along or I find something to replace FileHistory.

    Well, I get "status wait 80070002" when I try to set up a system backup from the settings pages. Found a web post that stated MS is "decontenting" these backup offerings in W10 and suggests users going to a third party backup offering.
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    It WORKS --- New information for FH in creator's update

    Last night, I started hunting around in the FH backup folder, and I noticed that I got a bunch of NEW copies of my MAIN.DB, which holds all my Skype history. ONE NEW COPY, PER HOUR!

    So, FH IS NOW working again!, and it has been since I first ran it manually on February 25th. Here's what I discovered this AM:

    The (Maintenance) note in the task scheduler is the SAME as it was BEFORE creator's update!! Before I allowed the update, I copied ALL files that were held in C:\Windows.OLD\ which included all the old task scheduler files. It also had all the old DLLs from FH that were in the \system32\ folder.

    Task manager ran only ONCE for me on the 25th, and FH has been working ever since. I JUST checked since I am offsite and away from my target drive, and the files and now being cached on drive C:, until I reconnect to my target, as I explained in my earlier post. Once per hour, the XML configs are rewritten.

    Task manager calls one of the 12-13 DLLs in system 32, and the old files are named identically -- i.e., (MAINTENANCE!). When I first ran it, my guess is that, the only thing it did was to START the FILE HISTORY SERVICE. Once that was done, then FH worked, and continued to work. Before creator's, it worked the SAME WAY. Many of the task manager jobs are NOT rerun BY TASK-MANAGER, so they won't show up. I will bet that if someone has creators, HAD FH working, they can go to SERVICES, and see FH is turned OFF. Try to JUST start that service, and I will bet it will WORK.

    This isn't going to help the guy with the folders probably, but it should work for everyone else. I've got a few other PCs around here I will test this out. Let us know if this works for you.
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       03 Mar 2018 #26

    I appreciate the update. I checked FileHistory in Services and it was running but with a start type of "manual trigger". I changed it to Auotmatic and it now shows Automatic (trigger start). I wonder what constitutes a trigger start? I created an Excel file and will see if that "triggers" something. The files in the folders are all dated prior to the February Patch Tuesday updates and FH quit working after that. Still "Moderately Confused" (a comic strip I read).
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       03 Mar 2018 #27

    jamis said: View Post
    ...I checked FileHistory in Services and it was running but with a start type of "manual trigger". I changed it to Auotmatic and it now shows Automatic (trigger start). I wonder what constitutes a trigger start? I created an Excel file and will see if that "triggers" something...
    FYI, I've just checked my File History Service (which I've never changed, so presumably is 'default'). It was set to 'Automatic (Delayed Start)' and shows in the Startup Type column as 'Automatic (Delayed Start, Trigger Start)'.

    Edit: According to the tutorial Restore Default Services in Windows 10 the default is 'Manual (Trigger Start)'.
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       04 Mar 2018 #28

    Still confused with this issue. I created a Task Schedule for FileHistory with a trigger for 11:00:00 AM to repeat every hour indefinitely. After boot up this morning at about 9:30 AM, the status for fhsvc in Task Manager shows it to be running. The Services display shows FileHistory running with a status of Automatic (delayed start, trigger start). The history log for FH in Task Scheduler shows that FH was not triggered after 11 AM today. As of 4:22 PM, I can see no updated files on the HDD that is set up for File History. The Excel file I created yesterday has not been copied to the File history drive. The Settings display shows File History is turned on, but the files have not been backed up. The Event Viewer shows no history log for FileHistory-Engine. The FileHistory-Core shows the WHC log having all activities as the operational state being changed and all entries are dated from 02/23/18 thru 02/27/18. 02/22/18 was the date FH stopped working. I'm sort of at a loss as to what to do next. I'm thinking of stopping the use of the old File History drive and starting it back up using the new drive. If that works, great, if not ????????
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       05 Mar 2018 #29

    Maybe my experience will help.
    I wanted TWO current FH folders - one on each of two backup drives, just in case of a total disaster during a reinstall onto an erased disk.
    I used Control Panel Run Now onto Backup #1, then stopped FH, formatted Backup #2, reconfigured Backup #2 for FH and left it running overnight.
    As I still haven't rebuilt Windows, I have since reconfigured again to use Backup #1 again, and re-executed CPanel Run Now.
    Since then, FH appears to be taking its correct, hourly backups. Some are skipped, I'm sure because the system was idle. Those that have occurred have been after user data file activity.
    There is no Event log or other obvious trace I can see in Task Scheduler, but the FH service is running.

    I conclude that there is no panic until MS unleash TimeLine on us, and choose to withdraw FH support again.
    In the meantime, I'm changing my policy from taking Monthly Reflect Free Images + running FH hourly
    to buying a paid for copy of Reflect, and using its incremental option to backup the user data.

    Personally I thought FH was ideal for those wanting a local backup (usually because of cloud upload speed and/or capacity issues). I think it v regrettable that MS could even consider killing an efficient backup solution on which users are actually relying. To my mind, this is not the quality of service that "Windows as a Service" should be delivering.
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       06 Mar 2018 #30

    I have given up on FileHistory. Nothing seems to make it work like it used to and the system is throwing more and more BSODs. These started shortly after I tried to replace the old FH drive. I have turned FH off, deleted the trigger, and disconnected the new drive. Sometimes I rue leaving W7.
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