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If the computer is already encrypted the backup simply copies the encrypted data -- why encrypt an already encrypted computer !!!.
No it doesn't work like that at all.

In any type of encryption (EFS, Bitlocker, LUKS etc) if you backup your data it will be written plain. This is because the encryption is transparent once unlocked or your system just would not work. If you want your backup encrypted you must either encrypt the volume you write to or encrypt the backup file separately as in the OP.

The only situation a backup would be still encrypted is if you did a sector copy of a disk from an external system (which is what Macrium does if you boot from PE and don't know the bitlocker password for example).

Just think though for a moment what a thief could get from stealing your external drive with a unencrypted Macrium backup. Your name, your email address, your home address (via location), your browsing and email history, your bank details (probably), all your passwords for all websites you saved and so on and so on. And all the documents you backed up.

I'm not saying you are irresponsible not to use encryption - that is your call based on what data you have and how likely you think someone will steal (and then use) it.

As most people don't even consider it I really do think encryption should be turned on as standard (which many devices now require). If someone then wants to disable encryption for a 0% to 10% performance improvement then that is their call.

If you don't want to encrypt - fine. I do and I'm a home user. I see the risk (of losing my personal information) to be far higher than any potential performance deficit.