Windows 10: Problem with System Restore on Win 10 Solved

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    Problem with System Restore on Win 10

    Tried to do a System Restore on a Toshiba laptop this morning. First of all it took over a half hour or more and ended up in a loop which I can't get out of. Never booted up into Windows, just the following messages on the screen:
    • 0xc000021a and go to which doesn't load
    • Toshiba says it's "preparing automatic repair" then "diagnosing your PC"
    • choices are "restart" which does nothing or "advanced options"
    • Adv. options choices are: "continue to Windows or turn off PC" - same loop again

    use device to recover or troubleshoot choices or repair install
    • Another screen says "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart" then I get the same error messages again!!

    Help! I don't want to lose all the data and programs on this PC. Any suggestions?? Thanks in advance!

    P.S. I'm fairly new to Windows 10. Tried to get into Safe Mode but all the instructions I found show Windows already loaded. ??
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    No current, recent, backups on external media, correct?
    On another computer, create a USB or DVD boot of whatever backup / restore /clone utility you believe will work best for you, attach any affordable external device (probably a 1TB+ HD is best), boot that b/r/c utility, make backups of your Data folders and files first. Whether or not to backup your busted OS, let's ask the others in here. What I have done is back up the collection of folders containing the icons, shortcuts, etc. of all 3rd party installs. Such will give you a road-map should re-installs be necessary.
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    "Tried to do a System Restore on a Toshiba laptop this morning."

    How did you attempt this, from the Advanced Startup Options or within your sign-in? The practice of backing up your files is too late to heed but do it regularly after this, ok? Toshibas are good, I have one going on 15 yrs now. Fill in your computer specs in your profile.

    Before trying again, see if you can restart after a hard reset. Unplug all usb attachments (assuming your keyboard and touchpad work, otherwise attach only keyboard and/or mouse) and battery (if removable). Hold power button down until totally powered off. Repeat quickly (hold 2 secs and let go) twice to discharge completely. Power on like normal and see if it restarts normally. If it does, fine. If not, power on/off 3 times just as the Toshiba logo appears to get to Advanced Startup and let's try from there. Good Luck
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    P.S. I'm fairly new to Windows 10. Tried to get into Safe Mode but all the instructions I found show Windows already loaded. ??
    By default you can only get to Safe Mode if you can at least boot to a logon screen. Forget F8 in Win 10.
    (Note for future: It is possible to add Safe Mode as an OS choice in you boot manager- see the Tutorial section for that).

    Help! I don't want to lose all the data and programs on this PC.
    Data is comparatively easy to recover at this point, assuming no disk corruption, and assuming you have neither backups nor use disk imaging, as we constantly recommend. Disk imaging means you have way of recovering to a previous good working state quickly and easily and hopefully without technical help. E.g. Macrium Reflect (free). Also acts as a full backup; even useful if your disk fails.

    One way-you can boot your PC from a boot disk e.g. Kyhi's available from the top of the Software and Apps section here, and recover anything not backed up.

    1. Boot from Kyhi's boot disk, run Macrium Reflect, and use its Fix Boot utility. If you are very very lucky, you might have some success.
    2. Research 0xc000021a
    Windows 10 BSOD error 0xc000021a - Microsoft Community

    A simple search yields many results.
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    If I may add something to dalchina's post:

    - if you decide to boot from Kyhi's boot disk and run Macrium to fix boot, take 10 minutes and make image of your drive. If you later decide (or you can't fix the system) that you perform clean install (fresh copy of Windows), you can mount that old image and get any file left on your computer.

    Users usually take care of their data files and forget about files on Desktop or other locations.
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    AndreTen, good catch about data stuff inside of Desktop folder and other places! Because I allow nothing but icons to sit in there, I forget to mention Desktop's contents.
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  7.    16 Feb 2018 #7

    sillycat41 said: View Post
    Tried to get into Safe Mode but all the instructions I found show Windows already loaded. ??
    Maybe this will help
    Check option three
    Boot into Safe Mode on Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials

    EDIT: Although there are more ways to accomplish getting into Safe Mode without normally signing into Windows here is what worked for me.
    Adjust what shows up for you according to what your computer reports.
    --- It might not work for you based on the condition your computer is in, but it's worth a try.
    --- If you don't use the same install media I used, the solution might be different.

    I used a Bootable USB Flash Drive per
    Create Bootable USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 10 Windows 10 Tutorials
    Upon booting up through the Bootable USB Flash Drive
    Windows Setup screen: select Next
    Windows Setup Install now screen: select Repair your computer
    Command Prompt
    Administrator X:\windows\System32\cmd.exe screen
    --- X: \Sources>
    Type bcdedit | find "osdevice"
    --- Results reports osdevice partition=E:
    Type cd e:
    Type dir e:
    --- You will see <DIR> Windows in the list
    Type bcdedit
    --- In Windows Boot Manager, the identifier is {bootmgr)
    I did bcdedit /set {default} safeboot network
    --- The operation succeeded successfully
    I repeated the process a 2nd time but that did not succeed successfully.
    --- Below that in the Windows Boot Loader, the identifier is {default}
    --- Type bcdedit /set {default} safeboot network
    --- The operation succeeded successfully
    --- Why there is a difference in there I do not know process went well.
    Exit out of command prompt
    Choose Turn off your PC on the Choose an option screen
    Remove the Bootable USB Flash Drive
    Start the computer
    Enter your password
    You are in Safe Mode with Networking
    When you want to boot back to normal startup, you can type msconfig in the search box
    Select the Boot tab
    Uncheck Safe Mode
    Click on OK
    Click on Restart

    Good luck
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    Thanks to all for the suggestions. I did finally get it fixed. Noticed that the Num Lock key was stuck... not sure if that had anything to do with the problem though. Anyway, I dug a little deeper thru the menus that popped up and found System Restore was an option in a 2nd Adv. Option menu so I tried it again (after releasing the stuck key). This time it was a successful restore and booted up to Windows 10 normally. Since then I have backed up the whole hard drive and will make a bootable disc or USB for future crashes. Whew!
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