I have a 2016 iMac (belongs to a colleague) that contains a 250GB Bootcamp partition running Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition. The OSX partition is 750GB.
Turns out the iMac was purchased as a 'fashion statement' because she doesn't use OSX at all and has virtually filled her Bootcamp partition!

I'm totally up for a delete / reformat / reinstall to create a 750GB Bootcamp partition. However before I start I just thought I'd see if anyone has good experience (not opinions please!) with any application that can reliably image and reinstall a Windows 10 bootcamp partition. By 'reliably' I mean WITHOUT having to frig around with rebuilding boot configs and trying 'this & that' to get a bootable partition. I'd sooner spend that time on a new install.
Pretty sure the much vaunted Macrium Reflect is not up to this task. I've seen Winclone mentioned here and there but seen many more posts around the web looking for help with failed boot issues
Anybody done it successfully and care to share?
Thanks in advance!