Windows own recovery tools doesn't work, need a better solution

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    I solved this by reinstalling the program.

    It starts normally now when i open it. But, i still get the same message if i click on the backup (adi) file. I also see that the icon on the backup file has changed. What gives?
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    Do another backup and please let us know if things return to normal :)
    Icon(s) can change due to some temporary hiccup in the icon cache, I only know a little about Windows 7.
    I just recently fixed my errant icons with a utility from somewhere on The 'Net.
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    I will try it and get back with the results.

    I got the icon back again by doing a new backup.

    But im now getting an error message saying cannot find amldr in all drives if i try to restore my computer. I havent seen this message before. Any way to fix it?

    So the solution was actually pretty simple. Basically what i did was that i made a disc backup instead of a system backup, that way i was able to recover my computer successfully.

    It wouldnt work regardless of how many times i tried to recover it with a system backup, but it miraciously worked the first time i did a disc backup instead.

    I think the reason was, that windows decided to split my ssd into several partitions after updating my computer, without notifying me first. This may have been causing aomei to get confused, because it doesnt know what its supposed to recover with so many different partitions.

    So its probably best to get rid of any duplicate partitons before doing a backup. It also seems like disc backup is a more reliable solution, so i will be using it instead of system backup.

    Im getting a message that says failed to assign drive letter if i try to recover my desktop. I only got one drive with a letter, and thats my c drive. I have tried following this guide on aomeis website, but it didnt help. I tested it on my laptop just in case, and it works.
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    Hello @Cerawy,

    SIW2 said:
    I suggest Aomei Backupper. It is very simple to use. The free ( standard version) will be fine.

    Under the backup Tab, click System backup, then at Step 2 , browse to the location you want to save the backup image. Then click "Start Backup"
    I can second this. It is my program of choice when it comes to creating a System Image.
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    Remembering how to use AOMEI

    I have a calendar alert that reminds me when to do a backup. I don't do backups very often, because data is stored on Dropbox or Onedrive. Emails are on Outlook or Gmail. So what am I backing up that I would lose in a hard drive crash? Not much that couldn't be easily re-installed - Thunderbird, Open Office and one or two utilities. Importance of full backups seems minimal.

    Nevertheless, I did just do a backup of both my SSD drives (One has Win 7 plus a data partition, the other Win10. (I Have dual booting). Problem was that when I looked at my previous backups, I had forgotten what they were and how AOMEI works. (I hadn't label backups clearly!) As a result, I deleted all previous backups and did full disk backups. Not system backups.

    If I ever had to do a recovery, I do have option to boot using either Win10 or AOMEI recovery media on USB sticks. If I did that, would AOMEI recreate the failed disk exactly as it was when backup was done? By the way, I could also boot from the other version of Windows.

    Starting with the AOMEI Disk Backup (not System backup) is it possible to do incremental backups? Or do those only work if you start with a System Backup?

    Over the years, I have found the problem with backups to be remembering what is backed up and how to recover it if ever needed. Several times I have done clean re-installs!
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    It seems that i sometimes get an error after restoring windows, that says windows failed to start, a recent software or hardware change might be the cause. I have tried unplugging all unnecessary hardware from my computer, without any luck. The only solution i have found is to do a clean installation of windows and then running aomei backupper again, and then it works. It's strange, because i haven't changed any hardware in my computer, besides a sandisk usb memory stick?
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    trying to install win10

    That message usually indicates a problem with the bcd entry. Not sure why you got it. Often fixed by running startup repair from boot media.


    extract 1904v3.iso to usb with
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    That seems to work.
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    Just a little heads up to people who are using aomei backupper, it's best to select the check backup integrity on completion button, as it verifies that the backup actually works.
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    Cerawy said:
    Just a little heads up to people who are using aomei backupper, always make sure to check the check backup integrity on complition button, as it verifies that the backup actually works, if you should try to restore your computer with it.
    This is why I prefer Macrium Reflect, as you can mount the images as a virtual machine, which is even better than integrity verification.

    TBH integrity failures are very rare on modern drives. The process of integrity verification is really a hangover for days of using optical media like DVDs, where write failures were much more common.

    Integrity backup checks are good practice but even they are not a 100% guarantee the restore will work.

    If one really wants to check a backup, a good method is to restore the image to a virtual hard drive, and natively boot the vhd to test it. This is a variation on viboot check.
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