Windows own recovery tools doesn't work, need a better solution

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    Cerawy said:
    Which is exactly why i want to take back up, but i dont have the knowledge to use a program like macrium.
    Look at tutorial section. It is easy to use.
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    Windows 10 Pro

    @Cerawy , I gave you the link to the tutorial in my prior post. We can discuss here if you have a look and report any questions you may have.

    However, if you're happy with AOMEI Backupper, good on you.
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    I just did my first backup with aomei backupper, and it works. It was fairly easy. I had some problems at first, because i created the backup file on my ssd, so i had to move the backup file to my usb memory stick instead, but other than that, it works. I also like how it creates one backup file, that you can easily put on your usb memory stick.
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    One problem I found with AOMEI. If your computer has failed and won't boot, you need to have a way to boot it and then access the backed up drive on the external drive. This is usually done using a Win PE recovery disk (on DVD or USB). You can download and create it off their site. I did that (twice). The usb created does not work. Right at the very end they tell you that they have not tested it on enough PCs and therefore it may not boot! You don't want to find that out after your hard drive has failed!

    I like the AOMEI Backupper interface, but heck, users need a way to recover! Not much use backing up if you can't recover! WinPE boot disks from other companies that might work, but surely AOMEI have something with tools that is designed to work with their software?

    Not intending using any of these backup programs, but interesting to compare them. By the way, I also tried Easy TODO, It works, but the free version is VERY slow! They even tell you that so you will upgrade!
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    I see. I'm going to wipe my ssd completely, and see if aomei backupper can restore windows again, without any problems.
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    Cerawy said:
    I have tried macrium already, it was so complicated that i had to give up trying to get it to work, despite members being helpful in assisting me with the program.
    You may find Aomei Backupper's GUI much simpler. However, it's from a (good, responsive) Chinese company, so you may find the error messages a tad more obscure. Well supported, decent Help info.

    Macrium is reckoned the most robust.

    Note: Aomei like all the others is capable of generating disk image sets- a base image + incremental or differential images (whic are smaller and faster and depend on the base image + all preceding incrementals or the base image + 1 differential image (differences between the point at which the differential image was created and the base image).

    For straightforward disk imaging I guess it's fine- I stopped using it when I found it didn't seem to image Windows 10 with all its partitions (normally 4 for an EFI installation); it's probably caught up now- that was long ago. I also found another bug when used in conjunction with a 3rd party program - I doubt that would bother you.

    As for Macrium. there are loads of youtube videos, 2 videos on tenforums, and extensive Help documentation.
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    Cerawy said:
    ...I don't have the knowledge to use a program like macrium.
    I understand! It took me awhile to catch on how to use MR6 and then MR7. If you really want to have some learning curve fun, tackle TeraByte's Bootit Bare Metal and Image for Windows (rescue USBs and DVDs are made in DOS or Linux). In short, I'm glad you discovered and will be using AOMEI Backupper :)
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    Cerawy said:
    I just did my first backup with aomei backupper and works!

    It was ridiciliously easy, i ran into some problems at first because i created the backup file on my ssd, so i had to move the backup file to my USB flash drive in order to use it to restore my computer, but other than that it works.
    Good isn't it.

    Once you get used to it you will become confident in its use and what you can and can't do. I keep my running backups (as I call them) on my main system drive but on a separate partition. This is an SSD and so a full backup takes just 3 minutes, and a restore is as quick.

    Once a backup is created you can move it wherever you want for archiving.

    Having run the backup, if you then open the program again you have a drop down menu option on that particular backup to create either an incremental or differential which back up just changes that have occurred since the first base image was made. Super slick and simple.

    There is a terrific user manual preinstalled. Just click 'Menu' at the top of the program.
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    Mooly said:
    Good isn't it.
    Cerawy said he/she was going to wipe their SSD after having made the backup. Hopefully a recovery disk had already been made or can be made from another computer. However, in my case the recovery disk would not boot. And AOMEI tell you this might happen, right after you have wasted time downloading and installing it.

    As a result, AOMEI is no use to me. Unless you can provide a solution?

    By the way, it is a Lenovo Thinkpad, I5 processor 8Gb, running Windows 7.
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    trying to install win10

    Unless you can provide a solution?
    By the way, it is a Lenovo Thinkpad, I5 processor 8Gb, running Windows 7.
    Sure, Aomei is included in my boot media.

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