So a weird thing I am seeing with my system Win10 Pro 64-bit 1703. I installed Avast and Comodo and it appears that part of Windows recognizes it and other areas do not. If I go to the Control Panel > System & Security > Security Maintenance Windows 10 sees that Comodo is ON and that Avast is also on.

But in the start up area the Windows Defender shield has a red circle with an x in it. Clicking on that it says under Firewall & network protection it shows the attached called "Firewall"

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I have another Windows 10 Pro 64-bit 1709 and it has all green check marks. On the main page you can see under Firewall & network security two things
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Here you see the Firewall has the issue, but also under the Virus & threat protection it just says your using an A/V. Comparing that to my 1709, it states under the Virus & threat protection says "Open Avast Antivirus"

I got to this because of an email issue and troubleshot it to the Firewall. At first both Comodo and the Windows Firewall were both on. So I turned off the Windows one since I had Comodo and this started this whole thing.

I tried reinstalling both Avast and Comodo and no change. Not sure what else to do, any suggestions?