Today on a couple of occasions shortly after booting my pc I have been alerted by the notification centre sound and pop up that security centre is turned off. However the pop up disappears so fast it's a wonder I even saw it. Looking in the notification centre list after there is no mention of it. It's as if the security centre is being turned on correctly just as windows is thinking 'hey it's not on'. I don't think there is any issue as such and I verified both defender and windows firewall are on and functioning ok. I did a few restarts just now and it did not happen again, so it's prob a rarity and was just a little tardy starting the service but it has happened twice today. It's just odd because I've never encountered that before and I wondered if anyone had seen this happen. I noted that the security centre service is set to automatic delayed start. I did think 'delayed' was the key component here but having looked at some other machines it seems to be the normal setting.