Windows 10: Laptop Security Encryption

  1.    25 Aug 2017 #1

    Laptop Security Encryption

    Hey all. Does anyone have any suggest for keeping their laptop secure? I use antivirus protection but its free but it seems okay.

    I want to know, do people here all have a password when they start up their laptop? I do not have one so if someone had access to my laptop they can just turn it on etc. So how would i do this?

    I use windows 10 pro.

    Also if i do this, does that mean no one can turn on the computer without a password no matter what? Thus the only thing you can do would be reinstall windows 10? But doing this means everything is erased right?

    The thing is for passwords, you should be using programs to do that. But what about just your computer security etc? Like imagine someone has access to it.. sure they might not be able to access certain sites if they dont have your password. But couldnt they just click on their virus links and they could now log into your accounts? I read this is something called like keylogger or something like that? But if someone has access to your computer, then they cannot do this assuming you do not have the computer?

    Im wondering what precautions should one take with their computer. So even if someone has access to your computer, they cannot access any files etc.

    I heard in another forum that you could use bitlocker, veracrypt or some other program but not sure the name of it. Which is preferred here?

    Most importantly, could an average computer user do this or it gets very complicated? Someone mentioned that if you do this and not sure what you are doing, you could delete a portion of your hard drive etc. Mine is an ssd.

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  2.    26 Aug 2017 #2

    All pc files can be read/write if you gain phisical acces to the machine.

    To prevent this you can use encryption (win 10 pro bitlocker) with a good
    random password ( i.e. 10 / 12 chars). If you loose/forget the encryption
    password you will not be able to access your data any more.

    It is also possible to encrypt an external HD / USB pen to encript only what
    you consider sensible data and not the whole system.
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  3.    2 Days Ago #3

    Okay can someone tell me how can i do this for starting up my laptop? Basically i don't want anyone who can access my laptop to just turn it on and use it etc.
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  4.    2 Days Ago #4

    Hey all. I like to do this now. Someone a while back recommended bitlocker. So where am i suppose to download bitlocker? So all of you guys are in agreement bitlocker is the preferred program for what i want here?
    Im using windows 10 pro on my laptop. Someone said if you have windows 10 pro, you get windows bitlocker for free but if you have other version, you have to pay for it?

    So again this is what i want. I want my laptop to be locked where if someone has access to my laptop, they cannot just view everything on it and of course download virus/files to hack my computer. Because if someone has access to my laptop and then just turns it on, not only can they see what programs i have... but they basically could just download virus/malware or anything like that and basically my entire computer will be compromised right? Basically it would be like you downloading malware on your computer itself but that person could download specific virus/malware and basically they could do what they want etc?

    As for my documents, i secure many of them with axcrypt. I think its great program. So unless im signed into axcrypt, then you cant access certain documents i locked.But of course if someone has access to my computer and just turns it on, that means my documents even with axcrypt isn't going to mean much right? And is this process for bitlocker simple to the average user? Im not that tech savy so im curious if this process is hard or not.
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