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    Got a question on this. I have an old windows 7 desktop computer that i havent used in a while. Would it be a good idea to after i do a complete reinstall of windows 7 on it and wipe everything out... first try installing veracrypt on windows 7 first?

    Then once it works fine, then i do it on windows 10? Veracrypt should work the same way on windows 7 as windows 10?
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    Anyone have a good video where it shows step by step and i literally mean step by step how to do this?

    Would you say good idea to do this with a windows 7 computer first? Then do it with your main laptop computer windows 10?

    And if so, that means using veracrypt?
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    lx07 said:
    Should be - just follow the tutorials in post #11 above.
    The first link or 2nd link?

    Im going to have to do it now.
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    Hey all, i going to do this now. I private message brink but rather have this on public forum.

    So its the 2nd link of

    Turn On or Off BitLocker for Operating System Drive in Windows 10

    If i want to do this correct?
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    Ok by accident i clcked on bitlocker without doing the thing you mentioned of

    Someone in another forum posted this not long ago

    Those links just create confusion. You check group policy manager, disable hardware encryption for operating system drives and fixed drives just to be on the safe side (though you can skip it and stick with hardware encryption if you want). Then you right click on your system drive and choose turn on bitlocker. select newer bitlocker encryption method if bitlocker asks whether to choose new or old.

    Then go on to do this to flash drive and external drive. Each external drive will ask for a password, you can use the same password if you want just make sure it's strong. When you enter that password to unlock the encrypted drives tick a box to remember it so that you don't have to enter it every time on that laptop.

    Because you said it sounds confusing and to skip it. But can i still do that now? I didn't know right click turn on bitlocker would turn it on... thought there would be another page to confirm it.

    What it shows now is

    how do you want to backup your recovery key

    save to microsoft account
    save to a file
    print the recovery key

    Do I save to a file? If so, is this to my computer or an external hard drive? Can i use my 64gb flash drive for this or use the 1tb external hard drive?

    Do i have option to cancel here or if i do this, im screwed because im going on with the process without saving the recovery key? I cannot go back to the previous message?

    Now im stuck not knowhing what to do. Typing this on my other laptop now. Would appreiciate if someone could reply to this. Im making sure im not touching the laptop and its staying on that screen of how do you want to backup your recovery key.
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    I was watching this video and notice how this person tries to turn on bitlocker but message is this device cant use a TPM. Your admin must allow bitlocker without a compatible tpm in the required additional authentication at startup. Then i see he goes to group policy etc and then goes to clicking on required additional authentication at startup and changed it to enabled. So did i had to do this or not?

    Can i go back now and do that before turning on bitlocker or is it too late because im on the next page now? I cant seem to click on the back button, only thing ic an click on is cancel but im worried cancel means i cant go back and i cannot backup recovery key?
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    As i watch the video after he clicks next after turning on bitlocker, he gets completely different screen than me. It checks bitlocker is checking to see if pc fit requirement and then shows

    Bitlocker drive encryption setup

    When you turn on bitlocker, your computer performs following steps

    prepare your drive for bitlocker
    encrypt your drive

    Can someone tell me why my next page was that recover key page?

    And is the reason why my options of where to backup your recovery key doesn't show a usb drive because i did not have one connected at the moment? I just connected one right now.

    Do i click cancel? Do i close the box? It seems like i could X the box but not sure what happens then?

    I am freaking out right now because if something happens like a power outage happens now, am i screwed? Please if someone can reply back to this soon.
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    Okay I looked through the tutorial again. It seems like since i already checked i had tpm 1.2 yesterday, well i can go directly to step 6 right? Okay so it seems to skip a lot of steps because i already have tpm 1.2? So it seems like in step 11, it has that message where you want to save your backup key.

    But i don't have the option to save to a usb drive because my usb drive was not connected to my computer at this time? So how do i do that now on this page? Could i click to save to a file and it gives me option to choose the usb flash drive i just put in right now? Or could i save it to a file and then just save it to my documents in my computer? Then immediately copy that document to the usb flash drive?

    With my luck with computers, I can just imagine my computer shutting off for no reason and then im screwed because im not sure how to save this recovery key.
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    What confuses me then is where is the option to type your password in it? I do not see this option doing it the way i already started?

    So basically the way i started it out, i can only unlock my computer with the TPM and no password? Or can i go back? Can someone please tell me what to do here?

    This was my fear of doing this ever since i posted it. Thats why i was always paranoid of doing this because if i make a wrong click or omitted a step, then I don't know if i could go back or what to do and just leave my laptop as it is until i know what to do. If anyone has any advice, please post anything here.
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    Okay so I like some feedback here.

    I installed bitlocker with someone on another forum helping me and also this one. But i was following the instructions of someone else on another forum. I did install bitlocker but issue is i could not set it up with password, it gave me option of a pin which i did not want. I ended setting it up with TPM unlock... the person told me most ppl do it this way and most simple. I was confused b/c this method wouldnt have a password or pin. I also then set up a windows 10 password which i never did... because i read its completely useless but had to do it for this.

    When my laptop turns on... it go straight to win10 screen and ask for my password. However, i found out that because i did not secure bios... my computer is not protected right? Thus i have to put a bios password otherwise its useless? Now here is the other issue. If i do that, is my computer protected or not since there is no password or pin? Again what concerns me most is either theft but more the if someone access my laptop and i do not know, install some malware or keylogger and then i use it as if it was only me who uses it.

    The thing i also notice now is even though i didnt do bios yet... it seem my battery on my laptop is worst? I seem to get max 50 minute on battery... previously it was 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minute. I read bitlocker drains battery a little bit?

    So does that mean veracrypt is more superb than bitlocker or not? Because as of now, i need to first disable bitlocker first before i install bios right? If not, i have issues? Now say i do that... then mean if my bitlocker is not enabled, does that mean my battery is still bad or its better like previously? Could i change the tpm unlock to password easily or i have to do the entire process again? My hard drive is encrypted already... so i dont need to do that? Of course its not protected b/c i have no bios password. I also have no password for windows boot etc.

    Now what if i want to decrypt bitlocker? It took 2 hours or so to encrypt it. Does it take that long to decrypt it? I ask this because i read others say better to use veracrypt for encryption as oppose to bitlocker... thoughts on this?

    And no matter which i use, i have to make sure bios is secure and password enabled right?

    So as of now my hard drive is encrypted. I have windows 10 password. My bios is not secure and no password for it. I also have no password or pin for boot.

    If i want to use bitlocker correctly, i should first disable bitlocker. Then secure bios with a password. And is that good enough? Or i have to put a password or pin? Again i wanted to do a password from the beginning but when i followed the tenforums guide here, it only gave me option for a pin.

    If i want to use veracrypt, first disable bitlocker. Then secure bios? Or decrypt bitlocker first? Does it matter if i just disable bitlocker but dont decrypt it? Or that would be issues? That would be issues for battery life as well? Then install veracrypt? Is veracrypt very easy to install? How is it compared to bitlocker? Such as are there questions where someone not tech savy might have issues doing when installing?

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