A question for VeraCrypt users: Can you get the timestamp on a VeraCrypt container to change? I know there is an option "Preserve modification timestamp of file containers" which is supposed to prevent the timestamp from changing, but I do not have that option enabled. Actually, I've tried it both ways just in case I misunderstood the meaning, but either way the timestamp stays set to when I created the container. That is great for "plausible deniability" for those that want it, but I don't care about plausible deniability. I want the container to be noticed by my backup software when the contents has been changed. Does anybody have this working? BTW, I have a relatively small container defined on a non-system drive, not an encrypted system drive. I know I could take a full drive backup which would obviously back up the VeraCrypt container but I'm taking incremental backups because little usually change on that drive (except for the contents of the VC container).