swarfega said:
They're remembering the situation from 10 years ago and haven't tried it since. I had Norton a few years ago and it felt light on my system.
Phone Man said:
If I remember correctly the 2009 version was a complete rewrite and it has been very good since then and use it on my systems. The biggest problem is with their version updates. Seems there are always a few bugs and takes a while to clean them up. In the past they would release a major update every year and the user could delay updating until all the bugs was squashed. Since version 22 was released a few years ago, all of their updates have used the same major number (22) but the minor number has changed and is at 10 now. No way for user to prevent these updates from installing as they are pushed through Live Updates. Its still my 1st choice as it does its job.

Norton were the first to whitelist my apps... so good on them - good products require good service