Tech help requested
Bitlocker, TPM, AMI Bios and TPM, SAmsung TabPro S (windows) computer tablet

Tech requests to AMI bios and to samsung, for clarification of these items, has been USELESS.

I have the tablet, with Bitlocker enabled. I do NOT have a PIN enabled for bitlocker, because the ON-SCREEN keyboard does NOT activate, for bitlocker PIN entry. (Bitlocker key is apparently controlled by TPM).

I have BIOS ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD enabled, which gets requested at MACHINE STARTUP, and DOES use the on-screen keyboard.
From what I ahve read, this ALSO is stored with TPM.

DOES TPM control the BIOS ADMISTRATOR PASSWORD, such that ERASING the TPM would erase the REQUIREMENT for this password, but also erase the stored BITLOCKER key such that anyone who got the hard drive, etc, would then have to enter the 40+ character recovery key to access that bitlocked partition?

TPM (ver. 1.2) - does repeated incorrect entry of the BIOS ADMINISTRATOR PASSWORD cause the TPM to go into lockout mode, such as it does if the BITLOCKER PIN (when enabled) is entered incorrectly?

I am trying to clarify how TPM (ver. 1.2) works, how it protects the machine, and how it handles bitlocker.

I would LOVE to have an additional PIN for this tablet, for bitlocker, but samsung will not answer whether the on-screen keyboard can be enabled to enter this.

any help, or escalation of this, is appreciated.