Bitdefender shutdown error--

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    Bitdefender shutdown error--

    I have never consciously downloaded and installed the software.

    Bitdefender does not appear in Programs/Features.

    Search Everything only yields a .dmp file.

    Yet something related to the software throws an error on shutdown?

    Anyway to find the pieces of this software and get rid of them?

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    Hi markg2.

    First place I would look is the Start Up tab in device manager. You maybe able to disable there.

    The next tool I would use is Autoruns, part of Sysinternals. It shows all those pesky things with the registry. Very powerful tool. Use appropriately. Have an Image of your system, recommend Macrium Reflect and create a restore point. Safety first.

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    I have 2 Reflect images of the system from months ago which is fine since I stopped using the machine at that time due to performance.

    Regarding your post: There's no startup tab under my Device Manager but I opened Crap Cleaner's version. However, I have NO idea what you're thinking I need to disable?????

    There are numerous, seemingly irreverent programs (iTunes, Sound...) to boot. Then there are numerous Intel/MS that 'may' be necessary for booting???

    There's an entry 'removesu' by MS?

    Additional points that may be of pertinence (or are at least of curiosity/help to me going forward with upgrade):

    1. My first attempt was having MCT create a USB. I did that and then booted from the USB. However, the screen(s) that came up were not at all similar to the screens I followed when I booted from USB on the Dell 8.1-->10. The T61 USB screens wanted a serial number (although you could skip which I did) but then a subsequent screen that said something to the effect you WILL need a key and inferring that the installer had zero intention to look at/for my existing key? I abandoned.

    2. Then, when I did the MCT upgrade opting for 'this pc', I never got the screen (again, as I had running MCT on the Dell) that gave the option of do upgrades now or later. MCT just went from downloading 10 to getting upgrades?

    3. One of the instruction sets I've been following said something to the effect--run MCT and click 'startup.exe' on the USB. There is no .exe file when you've got an .iso file (on the USB)?

    4. What I really don't get is that I've now run MCT on this machine at least 3 times. Yet, each time MCT downloads 10 anyway. Why on earth isn't the program smart enough to use what's already been downloaded? If I still get stuck automatically getting updates, can I also presume that MCT isn't smart enough to realize it's already done this and use what is on the drive and where it put the files?

    P.S. You're link is bad

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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Sorry, the Start up tab in Task manager. Ouch, what was I thinking.

    Link works when I use it. You can search Autoruns but get from technet so no additional crap.

    Okay on MCT. Once you have the program installed you execute. You go through the process of creating the key, so don't pick update this PC. Can't remember screens.

    Once you have USB key created you have two options, clean install or in place Upgrade although it does not call it that.

    If you boot from key you should be presented with the option to install. Now this is a clean install so it will wipe data if in same partition. I always recommend backing up data whether you are clean installing or upgrading.

    You can delete all partitions to get a "Cleaner" install. Again understand what is in partition you are deleting.

    Clean Install Windows 10

    If you just want to do an inplace upgrade insert USB and type setup.

    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

    Note with each Secure boot and fast boot should be off in BIOS.

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  5. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Meant to say, don't worry about key. If you were using Win 10, MS will re-activate your license. Can't remember exact phase it gives you but skip or next over it. May have to say I don't have key.

    When you were running 10 MS "fingerprinted" your machine and will re-activate based on same specs. There are processes to go through if you changed hardware but they don't apply here.
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    1. >>>Note with each Secure boot and fast boot should be off in BIOS. >>>>

    Brink says this in one of the tutorials. However, when I changed the BIOS setting from enabled to disabled I got a sketchy warning that said I would affect the ability of the machine to boot. I chickened out and left the setting alone. So you all are saying don't worry about the message just disable it?

    That setting set to enable could very well be the reason for the MCT reboot failure?

    2. >>>search Autoruns>>>

    I found the article and I already have a version of autoruns on the T61 from long ago. However, that doesn't answer my main related problem. Sure, I'll get a super list of startup drivers/programs but I have no clue which of the significant, likely suspect ones (Intel, MS, etc) that are actually needed for the machine to boot or are not vs. those that could be problematic and should be disabled?

    FYI, in a separate thread NavyLCDR provided a link to a Brink tutorial that skips the upgrade and goes to a clean. I'm holding that as a last resort since it will require a Reflect restore if I screw-up and I'd rather not add that time and aggravation if not necessary.
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    <<<<When you were running 10 MS "fingerprinted" your machine >>>

    I never ran Win 10. The upgrade failed at the first MCT reboot so MS never got the chance to see it.
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  8. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Secure boot prevents someone from booting your device, say with Ubuntu and then stealing your data. Really though if everyone knows to disable then it defeats the purpose. In my opinion if secure boot is enabled then the BIOS would be password protected but that would lead to huge issues as people have a hard time remembering a password from a month ago. How often do you go into BIOS, every year or two.

    It is safe to disable. Then you can go back and enable.

    On Autoruns you are looking for the word Bitdefender. Leave everything else alone.

    Did you check Startup tab in Task manager, looking for the words or vendor Bitdefender?

    I would be using something like Macrium Reflect to create an Image, then you have a way back.
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    Okay. If you have never upgraded to windows 10 then you have to do the upgrade first before trying a clean install of 10, at least that is how I do it. I assumed you were on 10 posting in this forum about Bitdefender.

    Type setup against the USB key. If your current version of windows in Genuine then it will take key from existing software.

    Make BIOS changes and tell it to keep apps and files.

    I did one of these on Tuesday. It went very smooth. Be patient. There will be times when you will want to intervene. Get a copy of coffee, read the paper, some of the screens are black and are presented for a loooong time.

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    Should get this straight though, are you trying to get rid of message or are you trying to upgrade to 10?
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