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Windows Defender !?
It's the baseline for testing other Antivirus software's. even MS says users to use a Third party AV suit for better protection than from Defender. Any one who trusts Defender on it's abilities need to re consider that. Please do go through these reports and test results, it will give a clear picture why WD ain't much of a security tool at all.
Av-test Result :
PCmag report on MSD :,2817,1926596,00.asp
Windows 10 may be secure enough, But still an additional light and effective free security suit won't hurt at all. :)
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Ms doesn't at all say use another 3rd party AV --in fact the latest posts coming from Ms say it's the best protected AV system available. You are confusing Windows defender from earlier OS's (Win 7) which is totally different. In fact Windows defender won't even RUN with some AV software.

People can stick to what they want - but referring to rubbish in some of those "technical rags" who are reliant on advertisers is just plain stupid -- also comparative lists are totally USELESS as they are all out of date by the time they are published -- new attacks could appear at ANY TIME rendering past results meaningless.

Last century's solutions for THIS century's problems --won't work !!.