Windows 10: Is this a malware

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    Is this a malware

    I am having real problems posting in here as in the post disappearing suddenly and I am also getting this pop up see pic have checked with Google and cannot get any firm ideas.
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    I don't use chrome but that reason looks legitimate. Make sure you are running the latest version of Chrome and also test that website access with a different browser if available. In the meantime, you can read more on some of the things that may cause that notice to pop up here:

    Hope this helps.

    good luck,

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    I forgot to mention if you are not actually trying to access the website identified in the reason, then you may have some sort of malware that is trying to make an outbound connection without your knowledge.
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    I just found this post and it looks like it might be adware. The post also contains the recommended fix:
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    Thanks WOT now I shoud ahve said too that is not the only pop up I get I do get different ones but that was connected toa Russina site soemhow during the Googles and not have in the pop up.

    I wil;ll check the Chrome version and I might even ask in the Kaspersky forum too as it is really annoying as is losingg the postes/replies
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    ICIT2LOL said: View Post
    I am having real problems posting in here as in the post disappearing suddenly and I am also getting this pop up see pic have checked with Google and cannot get any firm ideas.
    I experienced this problem a few months ago with ESET and Firefox. Not sure what was done, but it has been resolved (by them). It had something to do with certificates, and SSL/TLS scanning (way over my pay grade LOL). You can read a bit about it in this thread below, although I doubt it will help you. You should probably have a search in AVG Kaspersky forums to see if it's been reported and being worked on.
    Untrusted Certificate Warning on (mostly likely) Safe Sites - ESET NOD32 Antivirus - ESET Security Forum
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    Kaspersky sometimes has a real hard time inserting their certificate into secure connections. And it is not just Kaspersky. Many AVs have this problem.
    My advice to you is to disable the Kaspersky scanning of secure connections. Unless you are using a special feature such as parental control, you don't need the scanning, because you anyways have the Kaspersky add-on in your browser. So your browsing is anyways protected.
    AV scanning of secure connections is often problematic, and sometimes even decreases security. If you don't need it, get rid of it, and just use the browser add-ons.
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    Yes simrick it is a certificate problem of some sort because I originally had this problem when doing stuff in the 7 forum and before I started to use 10 a bit more.

    It does mention sometimes (from Kaspersky) certification of whatever is involved - a site probably not being on some list and as you put it so succinctly way over my pay grade to fathom out at the level you mention (well any level really isn't hard anyway LOL!!).

    The thing is it seems to happen on one machine in particular - my main desktop - which prompted my query re malware.

    I checked out the link you sent and it resembles what I am getting and I might even check with the Kaspersky Lab forum for their thoughts on it and maybe disable Kaspersky perhaps it is the problem but it is still very strange that only one machine and since I upgraded it to a 7 / 10 dual boot. The issue began again after that dual boot setup because at the time it first started up I was on the 7 OS only- my small laptop loaded with the same thing is fine.

    I do have all my machines loaded with Kaspersky for some years now and again why just that one machine I have actually run every scan that I can think of the usual stuff plus the Kaspersky rescue disk and even down to a memtest and apart from some PUP's picked up by SuperAntiSpyware and MBAM - nothing - though I will say that I do get so many more adwares and PUPs using 10 than I did with 7. I did even think of flashing the BIOS as I know it behind the current version but I don't like even thinking about going there for that anyway.

    An example of a usual scan in 7 would yield say anything from 1 - 10 Adwares and/or PUP's with SAS and nothing with MBAM yet with the 10 running that figure(s) can skyrocket to 300-400 on each scanner, and each time I run it, and that can be each day whereas in 7 there would be nothing for a week for example.

    So it prompts me to think is it the change or addition of the 10 OS and why the sudden reappearance of the lost posts?? That is another thing that is even more annoying because for example is I would not have been able to type a quarter of what I have now on this laptop before it would suddenly flash back to your reply and I would have to start all over again. To avoid that what I do is to open a document and type up the answer/reply and then copy/paste it back into the reply box and very quickly post it to avoid it being lost - that alone as you can imagine is driving me nuts on top of the ?malware issue.
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    That's a good idea to write the response in a document and then paste it in.

    I just had that pop up in ESET on a hard-wired desktop 15 minutes ago.
    I was able to select "Block always and don't ask again". (Thing is, I did that once before...) Oh well...
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    Yes mate well I am getting those pop ups for different sites and even on this main laptop and I am trying a change on my AV settings to see if they stop it as the version of Chrome is up to date I don't see what I can do in there.

    Look the copy/paste method is ok and works ok but it does mean making one have to do that plus it is time consuming not from just having to do that but one often forgets to not save the doc and slows up the close down of the machine. Now while this sounds a bit picky and perhaps petty after a while it does get on the nerves.

    In hindsight there was a fix way back when I was running 7 only and I am going to try and track it down but that means going back through a load of stuff I did on 7 at the time.
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