ICIT2LOL said:
Yes mate well I am getting those pop ups for different sites and even on this main laptop and I am trying a change on my AV settings to see if they stop it as the version of Chrome is up to date I don't see what I can do in there.

Look the copy/paste method is ok and works ok but it does mean making one have to do that plus it is time consuming not from just having to do that but one often forgets to not save the doc and slows up the close down of the machine. Now while this sounds a bit picky and perhaps petty after a while it does get on the nerves.

In hindsight there was a fix way back when I was running 7 only and I am going to try and track it down but that means going back through a load of stuff I did on 7 at the time.
Let me know if you find the solution!