Bruce SX said:
I'm glad you asked. It has loaded. Maureen is now in the process of personalizing a few things and, after a short while, I'm going to re install the printer.

Again. It's amazing that this all started with a inability to re install the printer.
Glad for Maureen! Yes, quite an exercise, all over a printer!
Please verify the system has activated: All Settings>Update & Security>Activation

Suggestion: Install Macrium Reflect Free now, and make a baseline system image of the drive,
Is there a trojan csrss.exe? If so how do I eliminate it. - Page 2 - - Windows 10 Forums

Once she's got it all setup with anti-virus, anti-malware, printer, Office, password manager, etc., make another system image.
Make sure you select to "verify" the image as it's being made.
Then plan a schedule for regular images. If there is ever any infection, or hard drive failure, the image can be restored and she can be back in business in a matter of hours instead of days.

I just got a call from a friend of a friend, who has been scammed in a similar fashion 2 hours ago. The only difference is, it was a web site that popped up a window feigning infection and imminent loss of functionality.

Bruce SX said:
The big benefit is how much I've learned(as much as it probably seemed like an exercise in futility). I now feel confident enough to perform the same procedure on hers again, if necessary, and on mine too, if it were to need it.

My deepest gratitude goes out to you.
Glad we got that sorted. Do you need instructions for reinstalling the O365? See Post #18.
If you make regular images, you will never have to do that again - both your system and hers.
Happy to help. I HATE these scammers and will do anything I can to defeat them!

Bruce SX said:
Tomorrow I will send you a pm. I have a couple of other questions(not tech related) I hope you can answer for me. Nothing mysterious, or inappropriate. Just a couple run of the mill things.

I'll also leave another update in this thread about the install.

Until tomorrow.