Hacking tools were stolen from NSA - Almost all Windows affected

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    I'm not sure that the stuff NSA might want back actually belongs to them - it is a bag of Microsoft flaws, which Microsoft would have preferred to have handed (discreetly) back to themselves for fixing, rather than the NSA stockpiling them for using them to compromise users, however nefarious those users' supposed purposes were.

    Also the script kiddies don't get heavy sentences generally - the judiciary has not got strong powers over sentencing for novel crimes that are as yet undefined, cause nuisance, rather than injury or death, or direct financial loss or gain, stretching over international borders where there are no reciprocal arrangements for extradition.
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    I don't think the judiciary will be too kind in Countries such as China or Russia who were both badly affected.
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    The problem here is more with the Agencies involved, Both in the west and those further east. They have been embarrassed by the leaks, and they are, (allegedly), not too concerned with Rules or Borders, and the US has the patriot act

    Even the judiciary are these days tending to be giving more serious sentences for financial crimes than even serious assault against individuals so if these scum ever get to a court the sentencing could be a seen as a chance of issuing deterrent to others who may think it's a bit of fun
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    I'm hoping this scum get caught and get their due sentence in the name of Justice. We're talking homicides with these by attacking hospitals. And this is just a portion of the mayhem. Infecting telecommunications where people can't reach emergency teams can cause death.

    Ctrl/F "death" on the linked reddit page and you'll see the mayhem they've caused. This quote is not verbatim. I had to censor a few words, so beware that it has strong foul language.

    I'm a doctor in one of the affected hospitals, a major trauma center in London. Everything has gone down. No blood results, no radiology images, there's no group specific blood available. They've declared an internal major incident, the hospital is diverting major trauma and stroke patients. All elective surgery was cancelled from about 1pm. We're not doing anything in theatre that's not life or limb threatening. There will almost certainly be deaths as a result of this. I sincerely hope whichever c%#ts were responsible for this get utterly f&##ed by GCHQ.
    Hospitals across England hit by large-scale cyber-attack : worldnews

    I'm actually embarrassed by our country since 9/11 and the introduction of the Patriot Act that invoked tactics by the NSA and other agencies. This is so far off from our Constitution that it's pathetic. But hang in there. We're working on getting rid of that scum here as well.
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    Reposting this here, in case someone needs it:

    So there's a possibility to get your encrypted files back...for some....
    WannaDecrypt your files? The WannaCry solution, for some - Malwarebytes Labs | Malwarebytes Labs

    The decryptor is only going to work if you haven’t restarted the infected system and you haven’t killed the ransomware process (should be wnry.exe or wcry.exe) so please don’t restart or kill the process if you want to get those files back!
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    A new worm "EternalRocks" is using seven NSA hacking tools. Not so dangerous for now, but outcome is unknown

    Bleepingcomputers | new-smb-worm-uses-seven-nsa-hacking-tools-wannacry-used-just-two

    But unlike WannaCry, EternalRocks does not include a kill switch domain, the Achille's heel that security researchers used to stop the WannaCry outbreak.
    After the initial dormancy period expires and the C&C server responds, EternalRocks goes into the second stage of its installation process and downloads a second stage malware component in the form of an archive named shadowbrokers.zip.
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