Hi, not sure how many of you are gamers, but to paint the picture for you we are using a program called fivereborn to run our GTA5 (Grand Theft Auto 5) private custom server. Without going into all the boring details there has been some controversy over this program. Just google FIVEM and im sure youll find all kinds of stuff on this subject.

What we have is the new version of this, the reborn version. We were originally going to walk away from this due to the unclear situation at the time and get a refund from our server company, however i have been assured by my server company that the principle is safe and legal, and that it runs outside of the game itself so it does not break the game owners policy. As i said if your a gamer and you play GTA5 then you probably already know the full story.

Now to the issue:

We installed it and it asked for windows firewall permissions and the program itself asked for those permissions under the name of npoekt which is a russian name. I tried to look up the name but could not get google to translate it or any page i found into english.

It looks like windows firewall has the ability to restrict and limit any programs reach. I would like to draw some boundries around this program until i am able to run it for awhile to make sure its not trying to do anything outside of what its suppose to do. However i am not familiar how to set those boundries. I am concerned that it is set up for all ports and all applications and all service but so are all of my games as well.


1. How would i go about just building some simple limitations around this in order to keep an eye on it?

2. And also is there anything i can use to actually monitor what its doing exactly in easy to read logs that dont require a masters degree in computer science to monitor?

3. Does anyone know what the name means and any history on the people that made this?

i have included a screenshot below of the firewall entry.. one is TCP and the other is UDP.

Click image for larger version. 

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This is important because i will be asking my gaming club members to install this as well so they can access the server, and i want to be sure its safe first.