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IMO it seems pointless if you have Bitdefender free installed to add TrafficLight.
The only difference between the two is Bitdefender only warns when a suspect webpage is clicked on.
TrafficLight tells you the page is safe, and can be used with any other security AV.
So having the two installed is a waste of resources as Bitdefender free is the complete AV package.

I must add have had Bitdefender free installed on my Surface Pro 4 since this latest edition became available in the latter part of 2016,
Have ditched Mbam exploit as it took an age to load Startup, I believe it clashed with Bitdefender, loading now being instantaneous.

All in all, purely based on my own experience, would thoroughly recommend this product.
MBAE runs fine here with Bitdefender free.

I installed TrafficLight to replace WOT, which have earned some bad reputation back in 2016, but think I'm gonna back to WOT one of these days.
Traffic Light does have some extra functionality beside safe link warnings (FB and Twitter links checking.., anti fraud filter ) and is included in payed versions of Bitdefender. Matter of opinion if it's worth extra resources (which are minor).