Still trying to work out steps to get my machine encrypted with bitlocker to operate as closely as truecrypt did for me.
Getting there.

Trying to work out what my remaining questions are.

Laptop with one hard drive. Partitioned, o/s on C:, data on D: (including special folders - location changed from default).

I need to encrypt both C and D with bitlocker and have D mount automatically when C boots. I understand I have to encrypt them separately but he documentation I have seen refers to 'operating system, fixed data and removable drives. BitLocker Auto-unlock - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

Am I right in concluding that my D partition counts as a fixed data drive?

As for authentication I am minded to require a USB drive with .bek key for authentication but I understand that I will need to also have a record of the key in case the system ever asks me for that as well. With Truecrpty I have memorised a complicated and long password. The content of the windows bitlocker key would be much more difficult to memorise. To that end, can I store other files on the usb drive along with the .bek key? My intention would then be to keep a portable password manager on the USB drive which would also hold my Bitlocker key.

Not yet sure which way to go and if I should just use my MSA - I prefer to run from a local account and not keep the key stored with MS - having said that they probably have access to it regardless.